GADGETS SCP Tower Defense Solo Hard Mode XK Class -

GADGETS SCP Tower Defense Solo Hard Mode XK Class

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GADGETS SCP Tower Defense Solo Hard Mode XK Class.

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Welcome to SCP Tower Defense! Recruit Foundation men, elite MTF units, crazy SCP devices or even non-hostile SCPs to aid in your battle against the Scarlet King and his army..

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  1. ive been wondering why do u havr only 50 k subscribers with good content people should support you more

  2. I was won a XK at lv 11 with two guys are lv 30 and they dont have able

  3. Im 14 comment anyway good video

  4. What these gadgets Lightning bolt and shadow Fragment can do?

  5. They buff medium mode and nerfed tickle monter anguish before update have 27hp after update now 37hp before update harted flesh have 32hp after update its 42hp }:(

  6. Jaeger Bomber is coming tomorrow, I can't wait for the update

  7. My favourite gadget is strange slime cuz really helps at early game

  8. Hello Gondex Can you help me to get a cowboy? I really need to try the valentine skin 😀

  9. Jaeger bomber is here bois!!! Go check him out!!!
    Best ability for me is strange slime cause it stacks whit tickle monster dmg buff giving 75% more dmg which is OP and lighting cause it makes that the bigfoot to not be a problem

  10. To solo XK class, I use Jaegar bomber, GOC, Able, Tickle monster, Coffee. Jaegar bomber is really good. Gadgets: strange slime and lighting bolt

  11. Hey about the mole rat vid u didnt cred me bcs i told u and the new tower jäegar bombers

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