fix yo game undertale tower defense -

fix yo game undertale tower defense

dead channel!1!
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fix yo game (also remove rng please it makes me feel miserable)


  1. dead channel!1! they of course aren't literally all tds games have it

  2. Actually it's just -200 defense sooo he deals 200 more dmg means 201k dmg per 1 hit

  3. “Guess she should worked on defences” more like SHORTER PATH

  4. Dude I always only got lvl 2 for sans is that a level or a bug?

  5. The only character that can actually make core geno livable

  6. mettaton neo is mettaton neo. only 1 breath of air and boom. dead.

  7. Me When Trying Too Get Carried In Gen Core With The Buff: 0:43 Pause OK?

    Sans: Oh Heck! A Boss OK.
    You Suck!
    Metta Neo: IMOTIONAL DAMAGE!!!

  8. anyone else think it was funny as sans said: yeah you're the type of person that wont ever be happy

  9. Bro i dont understand under tale much i haven’t played the game yet

  10. Working as indented. IE: no one wants to waste their life grinding Asriel and let's keep using sans.

  11. I think Mettaton could have just waited outside of sans range for like 30 min for him to fall asleep

  12. Sans : *sees metaton and remembers the ship* Im going 0.00001% Power on ya
    Metaton : welp Im dead

  13. Undertale tower defense be like:
    Base: exists Every monster in the underground: And I took that personally
    Base: exists Both types of mtt: I'm gonna pretend I didn't see that.

  14. Me losing my alt acc that has good towers:NOOOOOOOO
    Me on the way to start again:

  15. Sans: say goodbye for all your progress boi

  16. “Neo is known for dying to a lenel 4 sans over and over

  17. don't worry you were the only one who had this bug

  18. does anybody know what song was used in the beginning?

  19. Didn’t you know neo is famous for it’s high defense

  20. Sans does normally teleport, but never is suppost to leave you behind

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