First Triumph NIGHT 2 ECLIPSE EVENT Tower Defense Simulator -

First Triumph NIGHT 2 ECLIPSE EVENT Tower Defense Simulator

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Tower Defense Simulator is a game about defending a base from zombies. Hordes of zombies are trying to get to your base. It gets harder with each wave. There are many maps and modes in TDS. You can play one, two, three, four or eight. You will need to pump your level and buy fighters to defend the base. As you increase your level, you will have access to new maps, modes and units. There are easy maps and newbie modes. But there are also very difficult ones on which you can test yourself. You can play with people from all over the world.

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  1. Bro, tower blitz is dying bc tds night 2 update
    Tower blitz have 800-1000 active bruh

  2. Best idea to win this event: At beginning get toxic gunner and some cheap hidden dect units and spam lv 2 mini and lv 3 rangers. One guy should chain coa and upgrade the minis to max or something.

  3. In night 2 You need militant and gładź and mini and toxic gunner

  4. Get hidden detection towers for second night

  5. POV: you win night 2 and win it from 2-3 attempts

  6. Hey here is a strat i made that might work(im not 100% since i din't manage to test it fully)
    P1: get a lvl 3 hunter by wave 5 then save and start spamming lvl 2 minis (if possible also chain coa) then get a lvl 4 or 3 dj
    P2: save for a lvl 2 minigunner then max it and spam lvl 3 minis(if no one chains coa you cna also chain coa)
    P3: get some early defense like mortars or ace pilots then after wave 6 sell the ace pilots(if used) and spam lvl 3 minis
    P4: do the same has p3 but spam lvl 2 minis instead once the ent comes out get a commander and by wave 12 chain coa(if you can't chain coa ask either p1 or p2 to do it)

    Notes: minigunners must be placed inside the loops for more coverage and the hunter needs to have has much coverage of the path has possible. Aside form all that you can use any other towers if there is not enough space like rangers or turrets

  7. Ghost have the same death song like the previous year lol

  8. I almost won it I lowered the boss to 6k health with a team. You really need a good strat to beat.

  9. tip : if u have swarmer spam them max lvl

  10. Me: win in 1st try
    Also me: oooooooooo yeahhhh
    Goondex: win in 1st try

  11. It took me one attempt to beat this and im not good It Was Stratless too

  12. I dont thknk accel works on nights bc that would be too op

  13. Can you help me for night 2 user: iAmAWeirdoToday

  14. U know what, I actualy win on my first try

  15. Accel when get stunned, your team should sell it because it will be broken after get stunned

  16. I won when the final boss was 1 inch of getting to the base thanks to the 4 tridents lol

  17. Lv 3 Crook.
    3 Lv 2's commanders
    and spam Lv 3 Turrents.
    you get an ez win

  18. Nobody:
    Literally Nobody:
    SeriousThunder(Game Dev, Love His Games btw): Daddy Groot

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