FASTEST egg grind strategy! | Tower defense simulator (Event) -

FASTEST egg grind strategy! | Tower defense simulator (Event)

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  1. I already won this gamemode 3 times with my 2 friends

  2. They realease a tower on a event thats not a event tower lmao

  3. Such a coincidence, I'm on a trip with wifi that's apparently the same as McDonalds wifi.

  4. me:*puts my gold mini target to random*
    my gold mini:i’m gonna be op

  5. Bruh Does everyone want EVERY Time an event Tower Considering how easy it is to beat the event

  6. Oh so this map is basically cornfield, nice

  7. Today i got my first win on second time playing the event

  8. Friend: Why you hate ducks? They are cute.
    Me: You wont understand.

  9. The dude who has almost no friends: This strat is good but… man

  10. Can u make a vid showing all the other perspectives


    Idea for a video: Going endless in the DuckVasion Event

    How to perform: remove all BUT ONE field and spam strong towers (e.g. G mini, accel, engi, ranger, pursuit) + supports, to see how far you go

    Some people will need to bring early game towers (Pursuit might be good, but hiddens will be an issue due to the high cost to get hidden detection for the pursuit and the dumb targeting might be an issue too)

    Medics will be good due to the Penguin spam in the later waves

    Bring friends for the best possible outcome

    I think this is a pretty cool video idea 🙂

    If someone has admin use it

  12. hey eitle i gave u 5% of bobuk

  13. IDK why but you remind me of BV0J…


  15. i did grind in 2 mins all the session pass i bought it nvmmmm i just helpful for who have 1B rubux (1B robux wont watch this lol)

  16. I hate this event its the worst in tds history worser than metavarse

  17. 4 friends or just 4 smart people can win. But, when EVERYBODY LEAVES with no reason, win is always just a dream.

  18. 3 commanders? Y not moar u can place more then 3 commanders now

  19. What's good about this event, was that within its release of 2 days, more players have won it more than most events (as of this comment's time Frost Invasion 2021, Area 51 event, and AJ Striker – Week 4 events have more players won. than this present event)

  20. this method is so easy but i don't have friends 🙁

  21. I'm 60+ levels and have mini and ranger

  22. how i made a maginot line in the event step one : make a line of militants around the center (leave some space to spam hunters) step 2 place more towers u like then its finished just keep upgrading the towers or place more of them

  23. idea for meme: when below parents play tds

  24. Hey. I've got a good idea for a nutshell video about TDS. It's called "If they added natural disasters to TDS"

  25. i play with randoms and we just won by putting down accelorators (or however you spell it),minugunner,rangers a dj and a bunch of commanders (and ofcourse early game towers*

  26. hahahahah I have not strategy and random people I win for 15m 5m second

  27. Elite ur stat is good but in 1 hour I get like 2.000+

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