Fast-Paced Tower Defense Roguelike!! | Let's Try TEOM: The Enemy Of Mine -

Fast-Paced Tower Defense Roguelike!! | Let’s Try TEOM: The Enemy Of Mine

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A tower defense game with rogue like elements and engaging levels with environments that change as you progress through the game.

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  1. Hey I love your videos. As an subscriber can I make an request? When you do your game trys can you put in the comments if the game works with a controller or not. 🙏🏾

  2. It's nice to see that Tower Defense seems to have a renaissance of sorts. Last time we got such a glut of them was when OMD was popular.

    Thanks for the video! 🙂

  3. Visual Juice is not something I thought I needed.

  4. Game looks fun, the wave timer looks practically luxurious until the stages start changing. The roguelike mode seems fun, building on a gradually expanding map is a cool concept.

  5. My mom once said “you’ll never get retro to give you his credit card and social security number” I need to prove her wrong….. retro let’s do this

  6. your base building SUCKS!! I watch this channel a lot I can say that

  7. game looks fun i'll definitely give it a go but im kinda turned off by the looks. its like over-done in some places like in game features, and the menu features are like just blue background, no context, some text and pictures.

  8. holy shit this game looks sick, also the wave timer is supposed to be like that classic "rush wave" button from games like Gemcraft and Dungeon Warfare, I think it's supposed to be a bonus for getting greedy and making the next wave come faster if you feel like you can take it.

  9. The tutorial mentioned the build timer can be disabled in the menu for a more forgiving/thought out builds. I think I would enjoy this game only in that case, otherwise a little too fast paced for me.

    The moving pieces are a cool spin I haven't seen before.

  10. i know how i feel about a timer starting as soon as you put something down. I hate it. TDs should be strategic, not some hussle action like plate up. Also handing out rewards for quick play is common in the genre but I consider it bad design. It favours games when things are working out all ready, so its a case of win harder if you are winning anyway. Or vice versa get punished if things are not working out all ready.'

    Looks fine otherwhise

  11. Wow looks like finally a super new and seriously challenging td which is not just about win a lvl upgrade tower in campaign mode and try to get 3 stars

  12. They need to do some serious work on this game!

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