Fallen VS The most EXPENSIVE loadout? | Tower Defense Simulator (ROBLOX) - fantasy-defense.com

Fallen VS The most EXPENSIVE loadout? | Tower Defense Simulator (ROBLOX)

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  1. Hint, use goddamn gold mini not the fricking cowboys you dodo XD
    (You might still lose anyways tho)

  2. they should add gold mine farm that givbe extra cash

  3. Do a solo fallen only with golden cowboy ( you can use farm and dj and commder)

  4. me with 2 teammates or 3 beating molten in 13 minutes

  5. how is it 257k?

    1 golden crate Costs 50k x 5 = 250k

  6. Elite is basicly Mr. Crabs with all those cowboys

  7. I never knew a few cowboys can kill a abnormal boss

  8. tbh i dont grind on my a$$ on tds only half a year and i got 25k coins so gonna take like 2 years for like 4 gold skin but if i grind 24/7 i could get all them in 5 months

  9. Imagine boomers were watching this and that would be like sigh excuse me why did you just call me bad you know what I’m suing you

  10. Never play with elite
    Reason: He will Give you a horrible rng XD

  11. K then work as your job instead buy the towers with robux

  12. when they assume that you can get a FUCKING job

  13. I actually have all 6 of the skins without spending money which I am not proud of lol :/

  14. I wish they showed how much damage in total you did i carried my bro with accels and my bro said none of that would happen if i didnt put my towers

  15. me who got mimi for 2,000 coins: isn’t it 52,000?

  16. scuse me mr mystery boss do u want to be a boomer?
    mysterys: YESSIR YESSIR

  17. Yeah I thought that an all good loadout was the most expensive.

  18. (0:10)

    I heard him say "Golden Catboy" instead of "Golden Cowboy"

  19. actually it cost 307k assuming you got a g scout from the crate first

  20. Serch God_gx he have winned solo fallen with just mingunners

  21. imagine they added a golden farm skin it would be op

  22. The thing is technically thats not the most expensive loadout because engineer costs alot alot lot lot lot lot LOT more than one golden crate and so does accel

  23. The actual most expensive in a match would be War Machine, Ranger, Engineer, Accelerator, And Commando.

  24. Hey I got idea I’ll work then use money to buy towers 😀

  25. Me watching thinking of how seling cars go in the mall?

  26. This would probably be more of a challenge if your loadout was expensive as in how much the towers are to deploy

  27. Golden soldier is good for early game and ducky event, i soloed molten 25 times

  28. Have you noticed that Elite kept saying:to make more more money.🤣

  29. Do Swarmer Meets Enginner (Fun Fact: Engineer Is A Event Tower Because It’s In Gamepass)

  30. Who the fuck is working for 50 an hour thats some lucky ass shit there

  31. Below be like* he said the pyro speed is unnoticed! Now I don’t need to buff pyro

  32. Well elite each molten gives 500 coins right so it actually only takes 300+ every 100 molten games is 50k so intact its not 500

  33. i got gold pyro from my third golden crate… i could have gotten gold scout of gold mini.

  34. Cassualy forgets that a single max golden soldier with supports can solo a slow boss

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