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Explosives Expert | Tower Defense X

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Explosives Expert was suggested by @robloxgamer99910!

Feel free to post operations by the way!
You can either post them in the comments or post them in my Discord!

Discord Link:

Also, here’s a link to my Private Server:
You can use this for whatever you want; grinding, doing strategies with friends, etc.!

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  1. this is probably my favorite background image for a thumbnail lolmilitary harbors lighting is gorgeous

  2. Yo, ty for doing my challenge! I'll make more challenges for u in the future! 😁😀👍👍👍

  3. Operation H.E.L.L

    Use first 6 towers that appear in Rule 34 💀

  4. Explosive expert sounds like bomb squad

  5. I have a cool idea if you're interested
    Operation forgotten
    Must do expert
    Normal map
    Can use only 1 powerup
    No rewinds
    Toxicater missle trooper barracks and 1 juggernaut

  6. Operation From The Future

    Towers: top path bar, bottom path war, bottom path rail, xvm,bottom path slam and medic


    Any power ups can be used except one wave 29-30 and 39-40

    Max base health:1175

  7. Do Operation Crazy

    Pls I ask since the first of these type of videos

    No abilities

    No booster

    Do it by yourself

    No units over 11k lobby money

    Can’t spend more then 90k in game money on one tower

    Classic items and more future theme ”classic or future skins count” classic means retro type

    Map has to be easy and simple

    Past guys don’t count only classic Roblox items

    50% faster for all game

    One tower of your own below 50k lobby money

    Good luck!

    Extra: mine layer allowed

    Expert mode

    Idk if possible try

    Pls do mine it been like 5 months

    Want me to get back in tdx bc I will if you want

    Towers what count are slammer retro laser farm boat and big boat medic barracks factory gren and ranger and tower battle skins count *jugg counts if you need it😎 btw you can’t put 2 people what cost more then 11k lobby money only 1

    Make sure all of them below 11k money except for one what is below 55k

  8. Do the missiles from the MRAP and M2 Bradley ignore explosive resistance or something? I swear those missiles do more damage to the explosive resistance enemies than usual….

  9. Operation:Spammer
    Use under 15k(not use rail)
    Only spam top path
    If one tower you need put tower and up under 15 sec
    I hope you you do it!

  10. How do i have 1 subscriber i haven't even uploaded anything

  11. Hello everyone! How's you all's days? But i hope they are great anyway!

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