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Explosive towers are good now? (Tower Defense Simulator)

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    edit: freezer have 2 dps and he is the only tower that having the least dps

  2. Pursuit gaming is good for fallen 🙂

  3. Rocketeer would now be placed in the back not in the frontlines which is a nice detail and with its incredible range and damage it would be quite a good crowd control ranger with hidden detection same with mortar

  4. Pursuit,golden soldier, Rocketeer, mortar, electroshocker rework is here (also I once said that Rocketeer is still good when it's still not reworked but now his rework is here which is very good the rework/buff make him op now) (Bro forgot about electroshocker hidden detection removal)

  5. Mortar and rocketeer are now balanced

  6. Electro shocker was for stun, waiting for freezer buff cuz electro won’t work

  7. wait i thought they alrady buffed golden soilder before and i tried it instead of scout for solo and it kinda works better even before the update

  8. Pursuit is now better than accel in all stats except dps, but it's really sad that accel will get abandoned slowly

  9. For Years men rockeeter is happy and mortar too there back to be op once again also sad part of electroshocker cannot hidden detected anymore 🙁

  10. Expolised tower is good but commando is bad for who is doing polluted wasted use electricshocker is good

  11. I literally got golden soldier as my first and only golden tower (on my new main that has warden, elf camp, and is level 85, i used to have an account that had sledger, 150 levels, only golden soldier, no accel and no engi but engi didnt even exist before i even lost the account)

  12. A Howitzer deals more damage than a nuke

    Tds logic as always

  13. in my opinion mortar needs a splash increase and a shown splash area fix for it to be more useful then rocketeer i dont see how a lvl 75 tower is worse then 2500 coin tower everything else is good tho

  14. Electroshocker:PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW upgrades to lvl 4 NOOOOOOOOOOO IM SLOW max lvl im slow but dps is good

  15. Why not when solar esclipe event😂

  16. freezer / commando / archer / slasher seeing that they didnt got buffed : aw man 🙁

    i know how to buff freezer, make level 1 make he do 1dmg (but now cost from 350 to 450) and at level 2 make he have hidden detection (now cost from 400 to 650), for level 3 give more things (at level 3 it only makes it do dmg and decrease defense by 5%), like making that any tower that have a explosion attack (or unit) do 1% more dmg to the enemy frozen by freezer( now cost like, 2.975)), make level 4 give him have more range from 12 to 19 (now cost from 2500 to 3250), and for max level, only increase his dmg from 2 to 9, and instead of having 1s fire rate, it have 0.8, maybe at max level when a enemy die while frozen it releases shards that deals 10 dmg (releases 8 in different directions) but now instead of costing 6k, is only fair to make him cost 10k to max (also the enemy debuff to explosion towers makes shards do more dmg from 10 to 15 and at max the thing that enemies frozen take more dmg to explosion towers, increase to 15% and now affects bullets (but only increase in 10%), also i say bullets, because imagine, a tank being frozen and theres a max level accel, the accel would be super op) (also increase range from 14 to 25)

  17. When an artillery does more damage than a whole nuke💀

  18. The red is actully a death zone for rocketter

  19. electroshcoker would be so goos for hc becues it can break baloons ez leads and invis wait he lost hes hd ):

  20. Now the devs need to buff turret normal pyro paintballer and freezer

    And crook not included cuz it's good and the golden skin makes it better even tho turret is good but it's still needs a buff

  21. id say the new buffs are pretty good
    mortar and rocketeer werent really meant to deal dmg in the first place , just to deal with the hordes but more damage js appreciated
    pursuit buff is deserved after gettjng nerfed in solar eclipse
    and elec is a very good slowing support when you have spare slots

  22. just watched a livestream where people won polluted wasteland 2 with this towers plus support. damn impressive.

  23. Now we need freezer buff like is bad really bad

  24. only og remember mortar used to a meta with ranger and comander

  25. electroshocker now stuns bigger enemies more linearly but bigger or faster enemies recover from the post stun slowdown faster

  26. nobody talking about paintballer? It never compared to even the starter towers and it was always a bad tower

  27. Fun fact: electro already could hit flying enemies, but now that there is an icon you can tell more clearly

  28. Still waiting for that damn freezer buff

  29. Finally we now can play with explosives towers

  30. The mortar is a NUKE and it deals less dmg than rocketeer

  31. After 2-3 years tds finally listened to us

  32. Remember when paintballer had more dps then a max rocketeer

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