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(EXCLUSIVE CODE) GEAR 4TH Luffy On All Star Tower Defense

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Today I use the new 5 star luffy character on ASTD.
The Code: noclypsub

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Credit to SeriousBW#5624 for the luffy render

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  1. You got a few codes:)

  2. Poor eren was best unit and finally getting roasted by noclyp

  3. hey, as a fellow youtuber i was wondering, how do you make those super cool looking thumbnails?

  4. Who wants to bet that 5 star king will have Sunflower with huge aoe

  5. Noclypso : Old units are trash
    Eren :Hello darkness my old friend……
    Mihawk : Am I nothing to you?

  6. I was so mad that he wasnt clicking the deathnote when he was about to lose lmaooo

  7. Ayo what’s the name of the song in the intro?

  8. Ie the people that say there is An exculisive code for a good tower. But keep up the good work

  9. Is Erwin good and does he do those big guys on ur team well not the Luffys tho

  10. Talks about stun units me who has shikmaru 👁 💧👄💧👁

  11. Or gojo domain stop and more gojos using lapse blue and killing the people in domain!

  12. him: They Might Release A 5 Star Gon So imma keep that: A Couple Months Later: SUPER OP 5 STAR GON

  13. keep the good work i subcribed to i love ur vids

  14. "usually the ones that get past destroy your tower"

  15. Fun Fact: nobody can be a youtuber if they dont get dilikes

  16. Bruh fed his toga but it's okay I fed my ligth on accident

  17. Gear fourth bounceman is kinda cheap

  18. U can do better two 5 star puffy cuz 6 can come name: luffy gear fourth snakeman 6 star now is bounceman

  19. i joined him in a game and he wont give any crates to his fans

  20. No video: No Clypso.
    Video came out: Yes Clypso.

  21. you made it seem like gear 4th Luffy was a code character
    I was confused

  22. for a moment i thought u can get luffy from a code

  23. YouTube is no help it doesn’t tell how to enter a code on mobile on all star tower defense

  24. I love how gear fourth luffy was one of the best 5 stars but now he's one of the worst

  25. bro its so wierd hearing him say 2k is alot of dmg

  26. is it just me or does this guy sound like fearless?

  27. Imagine challenges and there was a troll one and if u win it u get mr troll tower that spawns either a enemy or a random 3 star tower

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