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Evolution Of Bloons Tower Defense (2007-2018)

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The evolution of Bloons Tower Defense. Bloons TD started out as simple flash games from 2007, and has become one of the most played games in the Tower Defense genre. Learn how the series evolved with each games in this video! And yes I’m aware there is a couple of typos in this video, I took it upon myself to be more careful with my future uploads.


0:00 – Intro
1:04 – Bloons TD 1
2:36 – Bloons TD 2
4:45 – Bloons TD 3
6:59 – Bloons TD 4
10:54 – Bloons TD 5
15:44 – Monkey City & Battles
19:00 – Bloons TD 6
22:49 – Bloons Adventure Time TD
24:35 – Closing Thoughts


  1. Why are bloons dangerous is because they can close you in and make you suffocate and die

  2. It's very unsurprising how btd6 became even more popular than Minecraft

  3. Now it's 2023 and this video was uploaded at 2019 and the realsed of 3d moabs my auto correct said moans it's now better with boss Bloons patch and beast handler

  4. Hey, if they brought back beast handler, then maybe they’ll bring back bloonchipper.

  5. The Fact it did had a spin-off crossover with Adventure Time made me drop the jaw.

  6. I remember being in around 8th grade (2007-2008) and playing this in different classes that had access to computers. study hall was the best. good time indeed.

  7. Btd 5 was btd3 on steroids and btd4 remastered

  8. I remember when btd5 and btdb
    Was literally one of the most trendy games

  9. BTD was the first video game I ever played, I remember being three and playing BTD4

  10. Monkey city battles, it was the firts that i play.

  11. 1:50 у меня у одного флешбеки паровозика?

  12. I highly recommend checking out IRON BRIGADE. its a 3rd person playable character TD. you run around in a big mech with guns and place turrets. its a lot of fun.

  13. BTD 5 Still getting updates in 2023! Who could have predicted that, with BTD6 being 5 years old!

  14. What about Bloons TD 2?
    Edit: im not talking about the 2000s one

  15. Bloons 3 and 4 were masterpieces I remember playing both of them in school

  16. I remember playing bloons in ninja kiwi site along with SAS hayssss good old days

  17. grew up with btd 3 and 4, btd4 is my absolute favorite

  18. Age of Empires and Bloons TD will always be one of my most favourite video games

  19. where did the vacuum cleaner thing go it was so good

  20. Man, I can't stop watching this video kkkkk, it's very good

  21. I remember when i discover this game at "1000 games disc" and shit that was ao fucking sick i played ir for hours

  22. Moona_kit (Simka and Ema is still here) says:

    There is no pests around in this game
    Pest Control with Monkeys:

  23. each td game has so many big differences

    td 1: simple, yet difficult (lack of towers, lack of resources, equal to a chimps game essentially)
    td 2: maps, difficulty, extra towers, new bloons, few upgrades
    td 3: Maps, extra towers, new bloons, upgrades, intro, better layout
    td 4: Maps. extra towers, new bloons, way more upgrades, intro, incredible leap in layout, features, new modes, better designs, unlocking upgrades and towers,
    td 5: way more maps, extra towers, new bloons, way more upgrades, intro, skyrocket in layout, features, currency, more spin off games of td5, new mode, better designs
    td 6: more maps, extra towers, loads more bloons, way more upgrades, intro, heavenly layout change, currency, features, loads more modes, monkey knowledge, voice acting, new tower system (heros), heavenly designs.

    there are probably more you could name, but these are tropes that ive been seeing. after each game, they learn from mistakes and fix bugs, listen to their community and change/ bring in something, they do their absolute best when it comes to updates and games in general.

    this is most definitely one of the most impressive franchises based off of a tower defense style game. it started off simple like any other, then turned into a powerful influence on the tower defense genre and flash game society.

  24. ya missed the mobile version of td6(Netflix edition)

  25. I remember playing btd3 all the time in school

  26. I remember playing btd5 for like my entire life but then I realized there was btd6 and my brain exploded when I saw the graphics

    also at 21:15 i swear dtds do not look like that

  27. 🝃𝖎𝖙𝖈𝖍 Ҝ𝖎𝖓𝖌 Ѻ𝖋 𐌀𝖓𝖌𝖒𝖆𝖗 says:

    0:45 this is so nostalgic, as soon as I saw the upgrade boxes with the drawings of the tacks it all came flooding back. However nothing more nostalgia than castle destroy. Fanfare music, gruesome, realistic 2D textures.

  28. I wish they still updated btd adventure time. It was so unique but still really fun

  29. Fuck dude, this takes me back to fucking playing this in class

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