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In the video, I use EVERY SINGLE SPEAKER UNIT vs ENDLESS MODE in Toilet Tower Defense. I use units like the Hyper Upgraded Speakerman and a lot more units! Watch till the end to see if we get on the Endless Leaderboard!

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  1. My OG unit that I used a long time ago was dual bat speakerman and he was OP for me as he has good damage

  2. Imagine if bro had used the Speaker Repair Drone…

  3. dancing spearkerman???? İts suppose to be dancing spearkerwoman

  4. kw_il the scary speakerman is from the Halloween event while the sneaky speakers man is from the new years from collecting 10 fireworks

  5. Bro it's normal that glasses protect against light, why would you watch series 💀 bro didnt even touched grass

  6. You forgot about the Other two The microwave man and the cockatoo man from the Rewind event

  7. Can you please do all camera men vs endless please can I have hyper uts please it's my dream unit user Sohrabpro7

  8. Titan president man is a speaker unit😊

  9. Erm actually sneaky speaker man is from new years not halloween

  10. I think he forgot the titan present speakerman

  11. The sneaky speakerman is an award for new year event a.k.a firework event by getting 20 fireworks

  12. That is rude about dancing speaker women

  13. I think hyper is gonna win because his high DPS and his super good range is AOE is insane

  14. Can I have mewing my username is dbld24

  15. The sneaky speaker man is from the 2023 new years event (end of 2023 just to be clear)

  16. This guy is actually dumb a mutant toilet 2.0 won’t snipe you and why won’t he just place down more

  17. Im pretty sure this is partner experience

  18. Bro Kwil Kwil pls send it back it as rlly hard to get streamer bro 😢

  19. Who can give me a free hyper please àdd me 😭🙏

  20. He forgot titan present man it has speakers

  21. Can you do tv is already done speaker already done camera idk clock idk pls do it

  22. Sneaky speaker man is from New Years Event, however scary speaker man is from Halloween hope that helps 🙂

  23. This video made me lose almost all hope for roblox games devs, the fact this game has more players then games like HOURS or midnight horrors is just sad. I also seems like roblox does not care at all about the laziness due to the fact this was not in one but TWO events over much better games, this is helping make game devs less likely to make a good games and instead make garbage and lazy games just to get more money. Sad state for roblox games right now.

  24. Who remember getting monster speaker and scary speaker

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