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Every South Park Video Game Ranked

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“South Park” has gotten some great games, but which one is the very best? For this list, we’re taking a look at all eight “South Park” video games and ranking them from worst to best. Our countdown includes “South Park Rally” (2000), “South Park: The Fractured But Whole” (2017), “South Park: Phone Destroyer” (2017), and more! Did you play any of these titles? Which “South Park” video game was your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Ah, South Park 64 isn't THAT bad. The multiplayer is good.

  2. Dreamcast version of Rally is the version one should play if they're interested.

  3. Man only if South Park for the original Xbox came out (2005)

  4. The only thing in South Park phone destroyer that we hate is the micro transactions

  5. side note do not open up phone destroyer on an iPad it works really badly

  6. I loved Tenorman's Revenge tbh, it wasn't great looking back but I have fod memories of playing it

  7. I would like the third one to be sci-fi themed

  8. i remember a bunch of South Park mobile games I played on a Nokia C3

  9. The next South Park game after fractured but whole should definitely involve your character being the bad guy firstly because of butters’ after credits interaction and secondly during the genetically mutated monsters mission everyone was a giant dick to you for no reason. I’d imagine it being similar to god of war 3

  10. Oh my god the fractured but whole game was life changing for me i loved it so much. I'd be jumping on the moon if a second part comes out

  11. The South Park game with the snowballs and turkeys was awesome and I wish ther could make another one

  12. The Fractured But Whole is my most favorite

  13. Can i play south park fractured but whole for free i really wanna try it

  14. I've had phone destroyer for a while now and I just got the stick of truth and the fractured but whole on ps4. Nice to see their the best games here

  15. honestly i liked the fractured but whole better than the stick of truth

  16. Now I want a third rpg called south park: the d*mned

  17. I might be late but I just completed South Park the fractured but whole and I love it’s confusing yet amazing ending. In the last hours of the game it’s so confusing and chaotic which I love.

  18. The only criticism I have for stick of truth is that it's too short, but I guess it's better that a game leaves you wanting for more than becoming a slog so idk

  19. Ok possible hot take I enjoy the fractured but whole a little bit more than stick of truth I like how I can play with more than just 2 characters and theres in stick of truth there’s only 6 friends with for most of the game only able to play with one half of them and even then 4 of them are just the main boys

  20. Kind of a shame you didn't mention South Park multi billionaire but

  21. Can anyone help me remember what season stick of truth was for their role-play game season was?

  22. Wasn't there a South Park game for the ipod or am I just thinking of something else that came out for the ipod. I remember there was a 🛼 game on the ipod but it was south Park characters.

  23. Make a smash Bros type game but south park or take a shot at a new fps

  24. Did anybody play the phone game where you have to keep the elderly from breaking into your house?

  25. I dont really feel like this assessment really was on point outside the very trash games. The 64 version was fun but short and came out when renting games was still very popular. You couldn't get your hands on that game the 1st month it was out.

    Southpark phone destroyer has been the top game actually for a long time bc its online capability but also that it attracts 1st person shooter fans as well as rpg fans alike where as the turn base games southpark has done only really attracts those specific audiences …unless people really care to see the story play out.

  26. South Park Rally and South Park 64 is my favourite games and i still have music for PC version in music folder

  27. Ahhhh South Park Rally. Countless hours of my childhood spent raging and throwing my PlayStation controller, endless nights and mornings of screaming that Sadam Hussain fucked me in the ass. Those were the days

  28. The first south park game on the n64/ps1 was actually quite fun. Once I got past the annoying turkeys I actually enjoyed it. Don't know why it got such terrible reviews!

  29. Stick of truth is the only game I’ve played that is of South Park and I like it

  30. forgot about south park megamillionare

  31. "stick of truth" yes its the best but what makes the fractured but whole #2 is because you need a controller and its really annoying

  32. It'd be great for them to release a console version of phone destroyer I really enjoy that game still play it alot.

  33. If you think about it too much, if you say the title the fractured but whole fast enough. It sounds like the fractured butthole

  34. Stick and Fractured are guaranteed to be 1 and 2(doesn't matter which is top)

  35. Ive played chefs love shak south park rally and south park (the first person shooter) on mobile and my favorite is probably south park RALLY!!

  36. hi, im looking for an old south park mobile game like an airboard game

  37. South Park phone destroyers should be on console too

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