Eren 6 Star "ZA RUMBLING" is MASSIVE on All Star Tower Defense | Roblox -

Eren 6 Star “ZA RUMBLING” is MASSIVE on All Star Tower Defense | Roblox

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Eren 6 Star “ZA RUMBLING” is MASSIVE on All Star Tower Defense | Roblox

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  1. Yo snow a question whats the music you use when you started the round

  2. I spent 2,000 emeralds for eren 6 star and I didn't get him

  3. Everyone is talking about airren WHAT ABOUT THE SICK MUSIC

  4. Eren Yeager might be evil cause he used this on the earth like bruh

  5. he almost swore to look at this beautiful cutseen

  6. He is the new story mode meta. $30k and you are marching already. Perfect for the later waves.

  7. I knew it you need Zeke because if you didn't it wouldn't make any sense but if they add any Royal blood characters from Attack On Titan they should make it so that e Eren can also do the Rumbling

  8. Can u make a aot team pls I wanna see what wave u get

  9. I just realized eren 6 was released on march 1st same as the rumbling the march

  10. Eren attack titan looks like a roblox Rthro.

  11. Snow you almost got cancelled saying "holy sh**"

  12. do u have to have zeke in my inv or team to use the tumbling

  13. it must be super op when combo with giorno 6 star i think

  14. Hes not inf meta, he is story meta and kind of usable on inf, but several million with global range just for 32k cash its too op on story

  15. Bruh I was grinding for an hour and finally evolved it only to realise he doesn’t hit airs.OOF

  16. Do AOT team
    Eren 6
    Levi 6 or mikasa 6
    Zeke 5
    Erwin 5
    Then 2 money units

  17. Combine zeke 5 and eren 6 stars its cool to look

  18. When they added Speedwagon, I spent 10000 emeralds just to get him and then I got 13 Erens.. I almost destroyed my keyboard that time, but after all, I easily made eren 6 star so.. it was maybe worth it..?

  19. bro said his brother THATS ERENS DAD

  20. Fun Fact: erens founding titan form is big boney because he got shot in the neck causing his head to fall off and give eren a way bigger spine and rib cage

  21. What in the actual living fuck is that titan LOL? Glad I got Levi and not Eren.

  22. Can you tell me the name of this soundtrack ?

  23. Youtuber: in training mode to test out new ubit
    Game: disconnects
    Youtuber: titan roar intensifies

  24. The model is trash bro, i think they did that in fast mode lol

  25. BRO this is too op I am think it might get nerfed I am gonna wait and then get it incase it gets nerfed and plus I am broke on gems and 4 5star is to difficult for me and this vid is fire snow

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