Eren 6 Star "ZA RUMBLING" is MASSIVE on All Star Tower Defense | Roblox -

Eren 6 Star “ZA RUMBLING” is MASSIVE on All Star Tower Defense | Roblox

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Eren 6 Star “ZA RUMBLING” is MASSIVE on All Star Tower Defense | Roblox

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  1. Awesome 👍🏻 btw here’s a vid idea, there is this game called Towers Of Delirium! It’s basically like tower of hell but harder and I challenge you to beat as many stages you can as a video and if you love the game, feel free to share it to all of your friends!

  2. what is it with astd and eren's trauma face
    ( he also has that face on 5 star )

  3. Zeke has decent DPS so I guess it's good

    ( But still depends on ur team )

  4. Tha fact that this titan can ddal 1m dmg meanwhile zoro can only deal 20k what is wrong with devs zoro is 100x strong than 1000 founding titan

  5. why is ur money soo muchhhh and u dont even have any farm units

  6. wdym to avoid spoilers were already at the rumbling in the anime

  7. Sad he don't hit air or else he would had been more op

  8. i stopped playing astd a few months ago but wtf happened??????

  9. JasonSuper103•Gaming•香港人唉 JasonSuper103 says:

    lol Eren is a big nuke

  10. This game has came so far man I remember when a unit did 1k dmg tha was a lot

  11. I kept Eren in my inventory since 2020 cuz I wanted to evolve him when the time comes.The time now came but I have quit astd.

  12. Lol he just need zeke for the rumblings

  13. You gotta have seriously bad pc to lag on roblox

  14. They had to add pants to the titan because of roblox's moderation 💀

  15. I was thinking the Colossal Titan would do a T-pose but nvm

  16. more enemys in the map = more rumbling dmg

  17. i have literlly startet playng the game after watching this video and i have no idea how to play this game and how to get more characters and not only goku and naruto

  18. and it also makes me angry because of that i have no idea what to do in this game

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