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The Engineer and Accelerator are two Towers in Tower Defense Simulator that are Incredibly Strong. But which tower is the best?

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  1. R.I.P old accel hwo killed the molten boss in 5 secs

  2. imagine accel got nerfed so hard that he does 1 dps for 100k cash

  3. Do you have any informatoin on a good straegy for gems

  4. ive started farming for engi lately hopefully it wont take me much

  5. Uhhhh yeah so

    If 8 max accels are place the DPS all together are 1,666.64

    Source : 208.33 x 8 = 1,666.64

  6. It’s important to remember that engineers sentries can’t be buffed by commander so that gives accels an advantage and can do around the same dps

  7. Cap🧢. And hears why freezer is better then both

  8. Do a video about g soldier review is it good for speedrun molten bc with g soldier and engi with support i get 13 min or 12min and 57 s

  9. Accelerator at max: boi I can solo those runners

  10. You forgot to mention that both accel and engie have led poping level 0+

  11. Accel fell off so hard it literally became worse than pursuit of all towers.

  12. I think engineer is better because the sentries are immune to stuns, it is extremely useful in solo fallen when you cannot bring medic. Fallen king stomp needs to be nerfed

  13. If you play on fallen 8accel vs fallen king and 6 engineer vs fallen king accel does it better

  14. Nahhhhhhhh ✨gReEn ScOuT✨ is better than both combined

  15. with the nerf of the engineers max sentry limit to 3 i think accel is just better in terms of cost, dps, and gems price (counting in commander) engi shoudl go back to having around 500 dps or more dps, now its almost the same dps as accel while still costing almost double in gems

  16. Thanks for the explanation. Right now I'm trying to decide whether or not I should just buy 1500 gems to get the engineer because I can't be bothered to grind anymore

  17. This video kinda makes me regret spending a month grinding for accel. (But there is an accel update coming soon, so that might even the playing field.)

  18. Engi may be better but I don’t wanna have to beat hardcore another 15 times 💀

  19. This really just depends on if towers like dj and commander are present becuase if they are it feels like accel would win this but without them engi wins

  20. Engineer isn't the only one immune to stuns, flying towers, Gladiator and Warden also have a stun immunity

  21. Well if both of them are good i would say bring both with g scout and warden and farm

  22. First accel got buff seconds engineer doesn’t get buff by commander and engineer actually do 360 dps

  23. I never felt a need to compare between accel and engineer, if you have engineer you probably also have accel because accel is nearly two times as cheap and on a similar level to engineer, no engineer does not need to be stronger than accel even tho it makes a lot of sense, engineer just needs to be better than towers like pursuit or turret, so compare engineer to towers like that, not to accel.

  24. I miss when accelerator was the best, and I really miss when ranger was the best.

  25. Well actualy its the only ground tower dat cant be stunned 🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓🤓

  26. people watching this after the engi nerf and accel buff (i still use engi cuz i can use it in mid game)

  27. This man mentioned that 6 accels is cheaper than 6 engineers, what makes accel good. Then he need to compare 6 accels to 6 engineers or count total price of 8 accels. From cowboy comparing videp he said that 4 lvl 2 g cowboys is better than 1 lvl 4 basic cowboy. Then he needs to make 4 lvl 2 normal cowboys too and see that g cowboy at time of video. Corso is overloaded with information and still does his job at 80% correctly

  28. i think i wanna get engi first then accel, engi just seems op as hell (single target + crowd control???)

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