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Elf Camp Tower WITHOUT TOWER LIMIT In Fallen Mode || Tower Defense Simulator

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  1. I am asking you how long did it take for you to get the elf camp tower please tell me truth! for me 1 day and 8 hours.

  2. imagine this on a sandbox mode like in btd6 but you can actually modify the map
    like a very shot one or a giga long one whit curves everywhere
    OR 420 loops stacked on eachothers whit the space for only one tower in the loop
    (you found he easter egg?)

  3. with that army you could conquer da world

  4. Now do hardcore/pw2/badlands
    With 4 players so its gonnna be faster

  5. egg thinking he's the boss and sending waves of elves

  6. now this is an accurate representation of normal day in florida

  7. fun fact they can see hidden max level elf camp the only unit can see without ace hidden dec for near by tower.

  8. "World war 3 Christmas Addition But The Towers "Invade Instead of The Zombies" 💀💀💀

  9. this map reminds of the frost event giving me painful memories T-T

  10. How many lvl 0 elf camps would it take to beat molten or fallen

  11. Alternative title : when you're friend with an admin.

  12. BREAKING NEWS: Hundreds of Florida men dressed in elf suits charge at the frontline of Ohio

  13. some random elf dude vs a big guy with a literal void sword

  14. if you're wondering how he got no placement limit it's through admin commands

  15. At what point does it go from a tower defense simulator to a flat out war simulator?

  16. my guy eggrypted summoned the whole christmas spirit to kill fallen king fr

  17. Imagine if the new entity system was never added while this was going on


    love how the elf camp actually feels like you have enemies on your side unlike military base or crook boss


    That's the whole damn chinese army

  20. Dude I see in chat and I see john roblox in chat

  21. This is the reason that below is gonna nerf elf camp harder than toxic gunner

  22. this is why you're only allowed to place 2 of them

  23. Now i understand why the placement Limit is two

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