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Easy Solo Fallen Mode Ranger and Ace Pilot Roblox Tower Defense Simulator

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Easy Solo Fallen Mode Ranger and Ace Pilot Roblox Tower Defense Simulator.

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Tower Defense Simulator is a game about defending a base from zombies. Hordes of zombies are trying to get to your base. It gets harder with each wave. There are many maps and modes in TDS. You can play one, two, three, four or eight. You will need to pump your level and buy fighters to defend the base. As you increase your level, you will have access to new maps, modes and units. There are easy maps and newbie modes. But there are also very difficult ones on which you can test yourself. You can play with people from all over the world.

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  1. Some many people just grieving to get the top comment and not even watching the vid lol

  2. second try asking for:
    best dps towers (i think)
    accel,golden mini,engineer,turret and ranger(i know ranger is not a dps tower but who cares)

  3. Goondex can you do video with old intro (if you have it)

  4. Is ace better than militant or militant better than ace?

  5. Hey Goondex, use the music Nico staf | Friendly dance, it's very beautiful.

  6. I actually use this loudout more than my gold cowboy and ranger loudout

  7. T̴͖̒h̵̢̆ḙ̶̚A̸̬̐n̸͎͘g̸̟̋e̴͖̓ĺ̴̢ says:

    Really good loadout and for reasons:First the ace is really good for early game as it is cheap and it deals a lot of damage u can also replace dj with pyro to melt defe of fallen heroes and fallen gurdians meaby even slow bosses so the ranger can deal the heavy damage and kill them ranger is good for late game as it does a lot of the heavy work combine it with the ace pilot ability to give hiden detection at the start of the match for some time u get amazing dps overall that loadout was the reason i soloed fallen mode

  8. ace pilot deals more dps than ranger. although it needs to move

  9. I did this first and lv 40-50 really easily do this really matters on what that buy if useful or not

  10. Can i get the pdf file of this strategy?


  12. Why I give up testing this before you upload this

  13. Bro i spammed so much commander☠️☠️☠️

  14. Messi is goat😒
    Ronaldo is goat😒
    Goondex is goat😏

  15. omg tysm it worked ican finnaly grind for g crate

  16. i think he had 13 commders and said it was easy wow

  17. Easy ways to beat Fallen King

    1. Place Ranger and Ace Pilot and Commander
    2. Upgrade Ace Pilot and Ranger and Commander
    3. Beat in Wave 40
    4. Upgrade Dj For the upgrade

  18. Amazing stat! I got my first fallen w with this strat, thanks

  19. gondex you just make the same thing ast me but i lose in wave 40 thx for showing thame how to win

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