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EASIEST SOLO FALLEN TRIUMPH | Tower Defense Simulator (Roblox)

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  1. I can't use this strategy because you have way more health than me

  2. I died to the shadow boss with 750 health

  3. i just made a guide in my notepad on this before is crolled down to see the doc guide

  4. this is a good strat now im grinding yay thanks elite

  5. that take so long 37 minutes i take like 30 minutes or 28

  6. it didnt work for me since i was lvl 53 well rip good vid tho!

  7. LETSS GOOOOOOOO I BEATED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Don’t be worried about crook boss by it’s 400 robux you can ask someone to grind until level 30 so u can get crook for free

  9. How did u do this I tried this and kept dying

  10. Since i have golden minigunner this is going to be even easier for me

  11. thanks for strat, i got to wave with mysterys and lose there cuz of bad rng but next time i won it? so thank u
    * trying to learn strat for heart so i dont need to look it every wave lol *
    nvm its not working anymore

  12. *Me who is sitting in the corner because i dont have ranger and commander:*


  14. Me who have golden crook boss: i can do it,but better

  15. Is it just me or two golden crook minions feels like theres a golden minigunner in my game

  16. i found out this does not work on solar eclipse update

  17. i used this strat, died to a darn shadow boss because i forgot to do COA lol
    otherwise its a good strategy

  18. I love how tiny humans with tiny guns can beat a giant overlord king from another dimension

  19. i have commader farm and crook boss but not miniguner and ranger

  20. No hate but the strat is absolute bullshit on my side. I keep dying to fucking errors while i max out my rangers. Same map Same placement Same everything but i die on fuggin errors. Where am I going wrong?

  21. I’m lvl 47 and I can’t do this the speedy get pass then I die

  22. I can win im level 61 means 126 heal base

  23. this strat is working!! i also have golden mini so i have higher chance to winning this

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