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EASIEST SOLO FALLEN TRIUMPH | Tower Defense Simulator (Roblox)

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  2. Place 2 level 0 Farms and upgrade them to level 2 One By One Place a level 2 Crook Boss Place a level 2 Farm, and then a level 1 Farm Upgrade your Crook Boss to level 3
    1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 8 – 16 Upgrade all 4 Farms to level 3 Place a level 3 Crook Boss Place 4 level 1 Farms and upgrade them all to level 3 Upgrade one Farm to level 5 Place 2 level 3 Crook Bosses 10, 11
    17 – 21 Upgrade one Farm to max level Place a level 2 Commander
    Use COA if mysteries spawn too many bosses Upgrade 2 Farms to max level and one Farm to level 4
    Use COA for fallens on wave 20 Place a level 3 Ranger Upgrade the level 4 Farm to max level 22 – 24 Upgrade a Crook Boss to max level Upgrade a Farm to max level Place a level 2 Ranger Upgrade another Crook Boss to max level Upgrade the Ranger to level 3 and then max out all of the Farms 25 – 32 Place 2 level 2 Commanders and start chaining Place 8 level 3 Rangers Upgrade all Crook Bosses to max level Upgrade all Commanders to max level 33 – 40 Upgrade all Rangers to level 4 Place 2 max level Minigunners Upgrade all Rangers to max level Spam max level Minigunners Make sure to sell farms on wave 40

  3. Thank you for this finally i can win 1st fallen you are my hero and you can do a hardcore or you have this idk

  4. F I lost 6 times because I had bad rng

  5. I tried this and got bad rng with wave 18 mystery so I had to move 1 crook to the back and it spoiled everything by making me die to fallen on wave 21

  6. bruh I cant solo fallen cuz my base hp is only 142 it sucks

  7. Here’s the video summed up for you!
    “Beat it”

  8. uhh can u replace any tower with dj?

  9. thanks for the video now i can win prob cuz i have golden mini and golden crook


  11. Didnt work i tried all steps and i failed twice I have no idea how you got 250 farm at start of game

  12. this change my life you deserve millions of subs

  13. The fallen king speed was like a fallen when u fast forward it

  14. I can tank the hp but at wave 26 i died to glitch cause late chainning + lag

  15. My friend literally forced me to do this strat many times, I'm forced to watch this video, anyways good video

  16. All I need is to her ringer I'm close so that's cool

  17. this strat is useful tho iuse accel in place of minis

  18. RNG sucks or this strats outdated. I died on wave 40 when the fallen king summoned his Fallens at the end

  19. Thats sad its outdated now. I don't get this much base health.

  20. if you wanna do this strategy you need to be lv 50 btw

  21. start didint work i died by the hidden rush

  22. Cmon man i dont have that much health lol

  23. How do you start out with 600 instead of 500?

  24. i have accel and i want to use an easier strat cuz accel is god

  25. I got like 6 Abnormal Bosses from Mysteries on wave 18 and lost from that… (I used coa)

  26. But im pvl 126 and you i dont know what lvl 🙁 and my base tower hp 150 🙁

  27. Am lvl 112 but strategy not working

  28. Every time I try to fallen I lose because the accelerators keep targeting the giant boss and not fallen enemies

  29. What is the music the one before the frost spirit’s theme I like it

  30. that should be easy cuz i have gold mini

  31. Dude I'm not ur lvl so i have less base hp

  32. Not even helpful anymore ur like lvl 250 and I'm just 61

  33. Time to grind xp so i could just get 200+ base health ;-;

  34. no offence but this doesn't even work anymore :/

  35. I Really Have All Towers For This Strategy Except Ranger And I Am Grinding For It. Thanks For Strategy.

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