Dota 2 Custom Games - Element Tower Defense -

Dota 2 Custom Games – Element Tower Defense

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Element Tower Defense:

SUNSfan, Sajedene, xenocide, and Aik play some Element TD


  1. SUNSfan it's not old map at dota 1
    it's old map at WarcRaft

  2. Sunsfan almost has more MMR than synderyn lol

  3. "I actually placed my towers horribly."

    places another tower horribly

  4. Nice copy from the starcraft custom game lolol

  5. i remember playing this in Dota1 , the last boss is Ronald McDonald . and its endless .

  6. element td for starcraft 2 looks much more polished (it was released first), but this one is looking good, I hope they work on it to make it better

  7. sunsfan ur killing them soo fast that ur messying up for eceryone else la

  8. I haven't played the mod in Dota 2 but if everything is similar to Warcraft 3 TFT including the tower combination and powers then just building Life Tower (Light + Nature) should almost always win you the game.

  9. holy shit the purple shadow fiend color theme looks fucken sexy they need a dota 2 item to do that
    T_T @7:45

  10. i thought this was ¨¨''DOTA¨¨¨¨ Cinema?

  11. Always one or two decay towers, then just go intrest.


  13. For everyone's information .. The Periodic Tower of elements is the strongest tower in the game.
    And its true that having pure towers make the difference.

  14. Floating 5k and in danger of dying? Doesn't upgrade his towers.

  15. tambien pusieron esa modificacion en dota 2 que chevere

  16. Thats easily, the best TD of the world wide world, of all times

  17. Shit… This devoured so much of my time in Warcraft 3.

    Also it's not a mod from DotA1 but wc3, sunsfan NotLikeThis

    Kinda sucks if aroow and cannon towers can't be upgraded, because in the orinial they could.

  18. great video! Thanks you guys for recording this. It's been a long, long time since I've played these.

  19. I thought a rainy sunday afternoon couldn't get more boring, but then I found out what it's like to watch someone else play a TD game.

  20. It's not from Dota 1, it's from fucking Warcraft 3!

  21. hey guys, back in Warcraft 3, there's this mod.. where the gameplay is kindda like Star Craft, build bases and stuff. is there any mod like this in dota 2?

  22. i remember playing td games off tft days. good times. i remember gold and polar towers. and tb being the best cause of the crits. and the little kid running through the maze and destroying it if you blocked and fcked up the bui

  23. May be late to saying this but….a dota 1 mod?
    Silly…Warcraft 3 mod!
    <3 DC

  24. I had a dream about fucking CM and I wet myself so much. Way more than usual too. I don't know why I feel the need to share with this group of people here.

  25. In case you plan on playing this more often, you should go for all the crwod control towers since dmg in late game comes from the "pure w/e" turrets anyways. I am not sure if this is a thing in this mod, but back in the wc3 mod the only way beating LMTD was stacking up crowd control. You then stack them up to the highest level possible (also combined turrets benefit from higher level elementals when all elementals needed are of the required level) thus providing advanced slow and stuff… my english sucks more that my memory :<

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