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Dota 2 Custom Games – Element Tower Defense

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Element Tower Defense:

SUNSfan, Sajedene, xenocide, and Aik play some Element TD


  1. old one had ronald mcdonald as the last never ending level

  2. it is not quantity, its quality..

  3. i remember those TDs without a path like that, you had to build like a labyrinth of towers the best way you can to make the mobs waste time walking through it… it was really complicated and fun :DD i'd love to see that on dota two, the TDs maps are as fun as dota itself

  4. Good Guy DotaCinema promoting unpopular custom games!

  5. Great, Karawasa was pretty nice and always put so much work into the map so it might not be surprising it took a while to get into Dota 2.

  6. its a wc3 map not dota 1 mod, dota 1 was a wc3 mod or map

  7. it like magic the gathering in tower defence

  8. WOW, I remember this from Dota 1, easily the best TD map back then. Didn't knew they had it updated to Dota 2.

  9. and i'm still here waiting for Tropical Tower Wars for DOTA2

  10. Just played through this again. Very nice, but it does get boring very quickly. Also the elements are pretty unabalanced, you basically HAVE to go Light + Nature if you want to reach the end and kill a bunch of ice frogs.

  11. I got 191 icefrogs, using life tower to get a lot of life early levels really help. I only got Lightx3 Naturex3 and Waterx3. I dont think this is good since I dont have any slow.

  12. how close is this to the Elemental TD in dota 1?

  13. build life towers, leave 1 creep alive, sell all your towers, profit, repeat

  14. At the beginning, take natures and focus healing tower.. and up them first.. lvl 1 tower 3 kills = 1 hp, later 2kills, then 1 kill. Then focus fire (to kill natures lvl 2, 3) and then dark combine with light.

  15. I once went only life towers and i had almost 400hp

  16. I hate when people say "its from dota 1", when actually its from Warcraft III…

  17. Just had a game in which I killed more ice frogs than the other guy… AND HE WON?! I've never been so inulsted by a game in my entire life.

  18. Suns fan right gem td is to complicated

  19. Was doing this back in old wc3 days. I killed like 103 Donald

  20. Go and play warcraft III you will see all these custom maps in there they are slowly including war3 custom maps in reborn

  21. that young man/female voice…. is hilarious great comments!

  22. I played this since WC3, this TD is awesome, specially when you play Random

  23. First time playing I made it to level 60, was an hour long game!

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