DON'T Play These FAKE Toilet Tower Defense Games... -

DON’T Play These FAKE Toilet Tower Defense Games…

Doodle and Arkey
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I Tested FAKE Toilet Tower Defense Games..

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  1. these "and" channel are cringe and it belongs to yt kids not on the main platform i got a stroke from thi video in 00:00

  2. Ok this is for four year olds also u cannot delete the godly do THIS IS cap

  3. What is the second game is look cool pls arkey and doddle can u say in not my comment just say it

  4. Make a video using only Christmas units NOW!

  5. I want to get the name of the first rip off and the last one 😅

  6. You can't delete godlys💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  7. You cannot delete godly or mythic or exclusive

  8. Your vids inspired me to make my own! Keep it up❤😊

  9. Guys acctualy skibi defense was made before toliet tower defense and is not a rip off and is better in quality than Toliet tower defense in my opinion

  10. The first game is not a a fake game

  11. The first skibidi defense is based off the actual series, not toilet tower defense, ttd copied skibidi toilet toilet not skibidi toilet copied ttd

  12. Doodle you cant sell godly in toilet tower defense😂

  13. I bet this comment wont get 1like

  14. Dude Every onther TTDG Copy eachoether and copy the Original series,the first game is better btw i like it more then the real one cuz grapchis are awesome and ton of codes to reedem right now!

  15. Skibi defense ain’t a copy it’s inspired by skibidi toilet btw it’s the first one they played

  16. you guys should remove the Santa hats

  17. The first one is not a copy it's actually its own game it's called: Skibi Defense It newly got updated with UTTM I'm not a personal watcher but I know a lot of the games

  18. You cannot sell godlys for real if you don’t believe try

  19. Hey no telanthric suck I bet u can't get 100k like in this video

  20. The end of the year you are all set for tomorrow

  21. Why do i like the rip off toilet's tower defense

  22. You can’t delete godlies… so there wasn’t an negative to the challenge, all you can do is trade it.

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