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Divine Units Only Challenge in Ultimate Tower Defense Roblox

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Divine Units Only Challenge in Ultimate Tower Defense Roblox

Can we set a world record or reach the infinite mode leaderboard?

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  1. I can’t wait till you get a full inventory of max level white beard

  2. White beard: HHAHAHAHA my tsunami carried
    Reverse flash: Wait a tsunami? You mean your not strong enough to destroy earth by burping?


  4. Aqua man duh he can make sharks give me brains so i get smarter duh

  5. Reverse flash is not the best divine he does fast but he do low damage what if a thanos from space come with 1m hp then how ill he kill it a wb white beard can kill it with tsunami

  6. Alo: it is impossible to do the Devine only guys
    Me:… but wiz!

  7. The title is only divines but you use Commons

  8. Your just mad flash and revers flash aren’t meta

  9. gnt vcs sabem arrumar o roblox, quando ele não carregar nada

  10. Me: gets reverse flash from fishing then selling it
    Blam spot: says reverse flash is op
    Me right now:😭😬👿

  11. reverse flash is a divine hes blue like a divine 😉

  12. You didn’t even bring the best divine 🙁 chromed Spider-Man is sad

  13. Aunt may is a white divine by the way
    Reverse flash was a real divine but then he gir nerfed

  14. What a meme lol because you could use Blackbeard or whis

  15. Every one knows that reverse flash is the best unit

  16. i fr got blackbeard and whitebeard+whis and naruto six path (and the green shenron)

  17. bruh wb and ''divine flash'' never come in shop

  18. วราพร วงศ์หล้า says:


  19. why did they not do any other unit apart from wb? They could use whis or something

  20. I can't believe Saitama does only 3k dmg in max

  21. me who struggles to get godly, also divine. : interesting challenge, yes, i would love to try

  22. U said divine units only and u got aunt may and reverse flash

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