Devil Fruit Users Only Challenge On All Star Tower Defense -

Devil Fruit Users Only Challenge On All Star Tower Defense

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Today I try the devilfruit only challenge on all star tower defense.

Check out my cousins take on this challenge

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  1. dressrosa looks like if you could trade or gift units

  2. That moment when u realise that there are like so many one piece characters that are op

  3. 12:45 am I the only one who noticed that natsu was on fire XD

  4. I hope you can help me sir I'm one of your top fan pls give me atleast path demons plss sir i hope you notice me 7_7

  5. Bulma has a fruit her fruit cash cash fruit

  6. Noclypso: Those tsunami’s only kill one unit so like
    Tsunami’s coming clutch at wave 40: ur welcome

  7. This team could be good with new meta

    Luffy 5 star
    Black beard 6 star
    White beard 6 star
    Ace 5 star
    Do flaming 5 star
    And bulma

  8. 3:58 nobody notices that this video is about DEVIL fruits and he got the devil's number

  9. Bruh how can you forget bulma and her money money fruit 😠

  10. Who realized he forgot about kaido Edit:Or maybe at this timeline he doesn't even have kaido

  11. I cant believe he forgot Blackbeard 5 Star! Or 6 if he alr ingame but pretty sure he isn't when dis vid was made

  12. lol "whitebeard costs a lot" with do flamingo on his team XD

  13. You miss a devil fruit user its black beard

  14. I thing he forget robin cyz she ate a devil fruit i thing is hani hani no mi

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