Demon Slayer Units Vs Everyone On All Star Tower Defense | Road To All Star Episode 9 -

Demon Slayer Units Vs Everyone On All Star Tower Defense | Road To All Star Episode 9

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Today I challenge myself to see how well I could do using demon slayer units only on all star tower defense pvp.

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  1. No why bolt there he my friend and hchvamingchannel fan and he mod there

  2. Next update do pillars vs everyone (since they adding iguro)

  3. i never has seen an ep with bulma in kimetsu no yaiba…

  4. Let’s post this guy’s whereabouts on Twitter and see them rip him apart for toxicity B)

  5. Me looking at Chat you be like :Are you talkin Smack?

  6. The level of yourself backwards is holy 🙂 xd plus amazing video. Make more videos like this!

  7. He said he crazy with it with the mihank and vaso lord ichigo 🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  8. Wait I think he should have done ace like a weaker air unit as if u put a mega in your team it is unfair because that meta unit carries you

  9. Eu vedo o cara falando br no chat :

    my English is not very good, but I will try to explain here: he was cursing, calling him a noob and saying things with meanings that I think you don't even want to understand

  10. Amazon’s someone does a video only using xp units in ASTD lol (:

  11. Noclypso said:You talkin Smack? i saw it in chat lmao

  12. Me though that i 50x of my spin is not gonna get buddha chairman:my luck suck so im gonna turn on auto clicker on
    50x:why you why yoh turn on auto clicker mate i got e buddh chairman giving you
    60x:heres a pity buddha chairman
    Also my gems is 2700 so sadly i waste all of them

  13. Ah yes,Roy Mustang is now in the anime “Demon Slayer”

  14. OK OK lemme get this straight i am being taught Latin at school and facil mean easy.

  15. Sorry but whats the name of song in your intro?

  16. You should do demon slayer unit only but with no erwin no bulma you can use miwak cuz he use sword

  17. wheres Zenitsu?
    but you already made the video so it doesnt matter

  18. Him Muzan or something should be added 5 MONTHS later Muzan with 250K bleeding Also him WHY WASN'T IT ADDED EARLIER

  19. Fuck dude, first match was with a brazilian, and a toxic one
    I know that cuz i am one as well

  20. help help help help help help help help help help says:

    Demon slayer units need huge buff

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