Demon Slayer Characters Only On All Star Tower Defense -

Demon Slayer Characters Only On All Star Tower Defense

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Today I use demon slayer characters only on infinite mode.

Thanks for 100k!

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  1. The perfect one is the impatient guy st the end of the final selection
    I forgot his name

    He uses a gun in the manga

  2. Noclypso: Rengoku is bad. Me having a maxed rengoku in my loadout everytime: :.(

  3. Honestly maybe Kokushibo,mans got some high range as a hill unit

  4. People who use rengoku for boss killers be like: YOU NOOB RENGOKU IS PERFECT HE CAN BURN AND 1600 DAMAGE AND ITS THE BEST BOSS KILLER

  5. my idea for the DS hill unit would be shinobu. Since shes the fastest character (That i know of) plus she could apply Bleed or poison

  6. The demon with the bouncy balls could be a hill unit really fast spa and medium damage

  7. Why u say rengoku is trash u never watch the movie dum

  8. Love Hashira could use her whip as a hill unit

  9. For hill characters I think that Muzan, Daki, Shinobu, Mitsuri, Iguro and Tamayo would be a good example

  10. Wind hashira’s name is sanemi or senami I forgot how to spell it

  11. If only it was this easy on the new challenge…

  12. No one is talking about that lady that tanjero went to to heal nezuko

  13. It’s my birthday Can I get a shoutout

  14. The wind hashiras name is shinazugawa sanemi

  15. All star hates me right now whenever I do inf it kicks me out

  16. Ah who could possibly forget.

    Mihawk The Sword pillar

    Sword breathing 69th form
    Infinite Clash

  17. Perfect hill unit would be kokushibo. Has moon breathing which is long ranged and does high damage

  18. Perfect hill unit would be love pillar because her sword is like a whip

  19. Now sanemi can prove nezuko is a blood thirsty monster because she only attacks bleeding units

  20. What about the demon girl who trys to heals demons for the heal unit

  21. give these guys gilgamesh 6star and they would cry when they saw his dps in first form

  22. I love your videos so much keep up the good work

    Also I would think Rui or Daki would be a good air unit

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