DELTA PYRO AND TECHNICIAN in Arena Tower Defense new unit showcase -

DELTA PYRO AND TECHNICIAN in Arena Tower Defense new unit showcase

Sister guard
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Arena tower defense just released 3 brand new units pyro delta and technician. I wanted to do a showcase of the new abilities

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  1. delta is like trapper from tbz but he charges instead of placing stuff so I recommend putting it on the end of the map so that delta can charge up alot

  2. dont spam technicians trust me im at 150k ping right now

  3. technician is op. I just got veni trio badge with magician, mayla and technician

  4. I think in this update that the farm got a master upgrade that allowed it to heal for 1+ on lvl 4 and 5+ for any levels above that, so you can use that with Delta too

  5. things is that Delta is a tower that needs you to use wisely, it's first ability takes away health bars. So be caution with it

  6. ello so uh wanna play a game? im just a casual lvl 164

  7. I actually thought Delta is like accelerator.

  8. Tech is VERY INSANELY OP I got a match with someone with tech then he spam level 5 tech then my game is LAGGING then we got to wave 150+ before I got disconnected


  10. to solve any unwanted leaks of enemys put technitians evrywere and upgrade them to have drones its op but very laggy

  11. Reached wave hm 120+? I spammed the 3 new towers (Can't spam "Delta")

  12. Technician is broken i placed 9 lv5 and crash my game

  13. The mechs actually shoot, and it deals a lot of damage

  14. bruh why and i also beat wave over 375 in endless help me

  15. new pyro tower be like:hmmmm hey glaive lord form btd6 can i get ur glaive?

  16. Delta is good if placed at the end of the map.

  17. hello please make video on how to get arena cleared badge im very confused and really want to get grandmaster mode

  18. Always put delta in the back to charge up.

  19. u could also use farm base hp paired witb delta

  20. fun fact: delta can charge up to infinite
    another fact: the drones do about 200 dmg per 0.05 second

  21. i love the avatar and thx for showing us the showcase

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