Cyborg Review (Critical Tower Defense) -

Cyborg Review (Critical Tower Defense)

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In this video, I reviewed the newest tower in game Cyborg, explained how it works, and showed it’s stats in ctd/ critical tower defense/ roblox/ critical strike other game. Hope you all enjoyed it, pls subscribe.

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0:00 Cyborg Talking/ Intro
0:42 Explanation of Cyborg
0:55 Stats of Cyborg
2:27 Conclusion
2:49 Cyborg Talking (Again)
3:03 Outro


  1. Even tho I know what cyborg does I love these review vids Oscar just has the up feeling mood in his videos

  2. New update! New update! New update!
    Hey PotobablyOscar
    There are new Critical Tower Defense update now.
    Make a video about that.

    Trade offer:
    Im get new content.
    You get Subcribe and like from me.

  3. Challenge: The Wild West. Towers: Priest, Miner, And Bandit. Map: Deserted Mine. Mode Hard (Created by OfficialCyberEye/kaisjdhfhfh)

  4. Do you know some tower can spawn like: military base ?

  5. I'm pretty happy to say I met this guy he carried me lol

  6. i still need 4 more lvls to get it 🙁 but i have enough coins

  7. “Not alot of tower can get hidden detection cheap like cybotg”
    Old scout when his hidden detection cost 250 : am i a joke to you?

  8. "Im agruably ONE OF THE BEST towers in the game"
    ONE OF?
    insane mode literally became baby mode after cyborg from teen titans showed up

  9. Normie cyborg:
    -made by EA
    -made by EA in the shop too
    -have to charge
    Chad mercenary:
    -buffs his team
    -has fast fire rate along with decent damage for a assault tower
    -not that expensive
    -costs only 1800 in the shop

  10. How much damage does the magnum howitzer do?

  11. What level do you have to be to get it

  12. Just wanted to know i bought both prop and cyborg i got cyborg to day is it better then prop

  13. Bro help get toxicator tower pls get me

  14. I already​ got cyborg bc of his solo strat :)​

  15. this is my mom account ok
    and yeah if you grind on level 20 you will have 6000 and 30 level

  16. What is better..
    Cyborg or prophet

  17. How do you use it correctly, i once used it all on max and it still couldnt defeat big dummy, any ips on how to use cyborg correctly?

  18. you know…….

    cyborgs design on max is E P I K

  19. Pov u have 6k coins but u aren't even level 25

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