Cowboys attack in Roblox Tower Defense Simulator -

Cowboys attack in Roblox Tower Defense Simulator

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Cowboys attack in Roblox Tower Defense Simulator.

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Tower Defense Simulator is a game about defending a base from zombies. Hordes of zombies are trying to get to your base. It gets harder with each wave. There are many maps and modes in TDS. You can play one, two, three, four or eight. You will need to pump your level and buy fighters to defend the base. As you increase your level, you will have access to new maps, modes and units. There are easy maps and newbie modes. But there are also very difficult ones on which you can test yourself. You can play with people from all over the world.

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  1. Pls help me to unlocke cowboy i have accelerator (thx for 4 like😊)

  2. Me who got it when you could do molten for it: I see this as an absolute win

    Thabks for 1 like🤗🤗

  4. I need help getting cowboy but it’s impossible I don’t have accel but I have turret for good

  5. Bro I was so close to beating badlands I died bc we don’t have enough ranger or accel lol but that was close now I am sad 🙁

  6. good job goondex you can finally play with your very own cowboy tower

  7. Btw do solo using like three commanders and dj and like 36 golden soldiers can actually win molten, no joke, but almost lost

  8. Hi goondex one been with you since 100 subscribers your doing awesome man keep it up and you'll be at 5k in no time have a good day and god bless you 👍

  9. imagine somebody whos like:

  10. He didn't win 🙁
    ︎︎ⓘ false information has been detected.

  11. Yes cowboi have the worst dps and 16k for 36 dps?

  12. You need to know how much damage dps shotgunner have.
    I win solo with ONLY shotgun tower.
    Ima new challenger

  13. if you pinned me TOWER DEFENSE SIMULATOR just do it

  14. And they say this town aint big enough for the both of us

  15. Goondex can you tell me how to win in badlands? I always die😭

  16. Ima just cry while watching this cus i cant get cowboy

  17. I say default cowboy look much cooler than pumpkin cowboy

  18. Damn I just recently recorded a video on this topic but I deleted it

  19. Cowboy kill zombie and get money for shoot bullets
    Me: O U R M O N E Y

  20. When me place 4 cowboy on wave 22 fallen =golden rush

  21. Polska: jak zacząć nowy czelendż : TYLKO KOWBOJ SOLO
    Anglish: How to start new challeng : ONLY COWBOYS SOLO

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