Completely REMAKING My Bloons Tower Defense Game! -

Completely REMAKING My Bloons Tower Defense Game!

Braian Strak
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I Completely RE-MADE Bloons Tower Defense, But YOU’RE The Bloon, and added tons of features like new maps, bloon upgrades and released the game!

Note, this is a FAN-MADE project, I have no affiliation with ninja kiwi. Don’t sue me pls 🙂

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Flashes by mezhdunami.
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I programmed bloons tower defense, but you’re the balloon! This video covers the ninja kiwi game bloons tower defense 6, similar to SJB, Trippypepper, Tewtij, ZigZagPower and Agent Pingu. The game is made using the Unity Game Engine. this is a devlog style video. This devlog is kinda similar to videos of dani codeparade Barji Polymars Pontypants DevDuck Goodgis sebastian lague BWDev and other game coding youtubers.


  1. Nice work. I love seeing successful projects like this.

  2. This might be too hard to code and also a stupid idea but maybe you could add that whenever round 5 starts (or maybe a later round depending on how hard this is) a random monkey hero from btd6 spawns, they would be more powerful than the other towers, they could also upgrade overtime like they do in btd6. Oh, and great video I love the game so far.

  3. So sick .
    Bloons lover x Coding x great idea

  4. bloons: enter the map
    my 26 max boosted sun temples and vtsg:

  5. Big Bloons fan here, I beat the first person BTD custom made game on all difficulties, now it's time to beat this on the side of the enemy.

  6. Bloons content creators have already started making videos about this. Well done for the achievement!

  7. immagine if this will be a multiplayer game, nice funny monke game

  8. I love the bloom series and this is so awesome!

  9. 1:45 “I decided on the 3-2-0 Dart Monkey” actually you are using the 0-3-2 Dart Monkey, 3-2-0 is the Spike-O-Pult with Very Quick shots

  10. This looks MUCH better than from what it started from. GG Braian

  11. I’m one of 1million people that watched your first video


  13. can you make round 20 less difficult please? it's impossible

  14. I like that the theme of these games can be summed up to "I am not in danger, I am the danger."

  15. great game, but I feel like you should get more money per round / upgrades cheaper because the game feels more like a rage game than anything.

  16. You should make what I think would be the hardest map would be logs that would be difficult

  17. Good work man. This one looks like it was made by a pro developer. Hope NK notices this and support you in some way.

  18. I haven't seen Super Monkeys in this game while playing it.

  19. This game is amazing i downloaded it it’s so good

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