Commander Plushie SHOWCASE AND GIVEAWAY (5 winners) (Tower Defense Simulator - ROBLOX) -

Commander Plushie SHOWCASE AND GIVEAWAY (5 winners) (Tower Defense Simulator – ROBLOX)

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6:40 – How to enter the giveaway

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There will be 5 winners and the giveaway will end on May 1st at 1pm MST.

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Use my star code (HARRY) when you buy robux or premium and my cats will love you 🙂

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  1. Hi harry, loves ur vids and have a great day!

  2. My user is Megab1tesYT and my display is Corons
    hope I win! also gl to ppl

  3. Kevin 6-1 เด็กชายกวิน พิริยะกุล says:

    I from another country and my parents not allow me to buy it. I hope I will get it. And I want the plushie too.

  4. I wish luck and hope that u get that plushie it's really cute🥰

  5. Yay I might have a chance to get the commander plsuhie

  6. I would love to get a commander plushie for free because I can't buy it and never got any online merch because my parents don't really shop online and they think you could fine the merch in a store even if it's online only and I would love to have a plusie from my favorite YouTuber.

  7. I waited for 3 days already and there isn't no code

  8. You’re insane getting commander plushie! Good job
    Roblox name:Jai6719
    Display name:popcat
    Hope you pick me 😉

  9. It’s just like the old valentines skins when you place it down hearts pop up

  10. The plushie commander is probably the cutest skin in the game, and what's also cool is that it's animations are little frames per second, which makes it unique. Probably not worth the 30$ alone, but you get a real life plushie, sooo…

  11. The Plushies are only going to get shipped at mid July… sadly

  12. my mom ordered this plushie and she got an email from "juniper" or whatever and it didn't come with a code so can anyone explain what happend

  13. Bro 5 engineers, now 5 commander plushies
    You deserve cat drip x10000


  15. Is spam folder on mobile? If so, how do I get in it? I play on iPad so I need to know

  16. The animation is kind of like a stop motion, ya know, maybe you would do a stop motion with a plush you have? That’s kinda my theory on way the plush commander has like McDonald’s WiFi ping.

  17. User : Premuim_pizza
    I really want it it will be a cool moment if I got picked

  18. I want to see the real commander plush review

  19. Can we redeem tds toy codes from roblox toys like I got a templar toy

  20. Harry am ur fan I sub and like can i have the new commander really pls

  21. How do you enter the giveaway it ends tomorrow?

  22. Dogeyisme really want the skin just kinda testing my luck user dogeyisme

  23. Harrison, commander actually sped up military base. If I'm wrong then it was my imagination.

  24. Bought my own plush, I love the skin, I haven't actually received the code yet (only bought it a few hours prior to this), but the 40 bucks were worth it, I get to support the creators of one of my favorite games, I get a nice little guy to brighten up my bedroom, and I get this simple, yet wonderful skin to show off my support for this game. In full honesty I've spent over $100 USD (50 on engineer, 40 on the plush, and other stuff like VIP) on TDS now. Maybe I should rethink something or two… nah! I'll support a game I love. Judge me all you want, but I simply find it right to support the devs, that way they can update this gem of a game. There's only one true judge and that is God, so chill, and let my father do his job. Well, assuming I really followed that belief much.

  25. (Beep) "Connection Terminated I'm Sorry To Interrupt You Elizabeth, If You Still Even Remember That Name. But I'm Afraid You've Been Misinformed. You Are Not Here To Receive A Gift, Nor Have You Been Called Here By The Individual You Assume. Although You Have Indeed Been Called. You Have All Been Called Here. Into A Labyinth Of Sound And Smell, Misdirection And Misfortune. A Labyinth With No Exit, A Maze With No Prize. You Don't Even Realize That You Are Trapped You Lust For Blood Has Driven You In Endless Circles, Chasing The Cries Of Children In Some Unseen Channel Always So Near, Yet Somehow Out Of Reach. But You Will Never Find Them, None Of You Will. This Is Where Your Story Ends. And To You, My Brave Volunteers, Who Somehow Found This Job Listing Not Intended For You, Although There Was A Way Out Planned For. you, I Have A Feeling That's Not What You Want. I Have A Feeling That You Are Right Where You Want To Be, I Am Remaining As Well. I Am Nearby. This Place Will Not Be Remembered, And The Memory Of Everything That Started This Can Finally Begin To Fade Away. As The Agony Should. Of Every Tragedy Should. And To You Monster Trapped In The Corridors : Be Still And Give Up Your Spirits, They Don't Belong To You. For Most Of You, I Believe There Is A Peace And Perhaps More Waiting For You After The Smoke Clears. Although, For One, of You, The Darkest Pit Of Hell Has Opened To Swallow You Whole, So Don't Keep The Devil Waiting, Old Friend. My Daughter, If You Can Hear Me, I Knew You Would Return As Well. It's In Your Nature Protect The Innocent. I'm Sorry That On That Day, The Day You Were Shut Out And Left To Die, No One Was To Lift You Up Into Their Arms The Way You Lifted Other Into Yours. And Then, What Became Of You. I Should Have Known You Wouldn't Be Content To Disappear, Not My Daughter. I Couldn't Save You Then, So Let Me Save You Now. It's Time To Rest, For You, And For Those You Have Carried In Your Arms. This End For All Of Us. End Communication." (Beep)

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    The FitNessGram Pacer Test Is A MultiStageGraerobic Capacity Test That Progressively Get More Difficult As It Continues. The 20m Pacer Test Will Begin In 30s Line Up At Start The Running Speed Starts Slowing But Get Faster Each Minute After You Hear This Singal (BEEP) A Single Lap Should Be Completed Each Time Hear This Sound (Ding) Remmember To Run In A Straight Line And Run AsLong As Possible The Second Time You Fail To Complete A Lape Before The Sound Your Test Is Over The Test Will Begin At The Word Start (Beep) On Your Mark Get Ready Start : (Cool Test Music) (Beep) One (Cool Test Music) (Beep)Two (Cool Test Music) (Beep) Three (Cool Test Music) (Beep) Four (Cool Test Music) (Beep) Five (Cool Test Music) (Beep) Six (Cool Test Music) (Ding) Seven (Beep)

    Did You Know That Skeleton Army Is A Good Card It's Unlocked From (Arena 2) But He Before Is On (Arena 1) Correct And He Is 3 Elixir Cost And He Is A Epic Card He Can Counter Mini PEKKA, P.E.K.K.A, Goblin Barrel, Miner, Musketeer, Sparky, Cannon Cart, Knight, Skeleton Giant, Giant, Prince, Barbar, Elite Barbar, Skeleton Giant And Lastly Lumber, Correct? And Then He Is A Swarm And He'r Squad Is Harry, Larry, Gerry, Terry, Mary, And Rip Ledoot, Correct? Oh Forgot He Can Counter Hod Rider To At Lvl 11 He Can Have "DMG 81" And "Health 81" Correct? And Mostly He Can Get 1 Shot Not Like Goblin But Most Player Use Them To Counter Some P.E.K.K.A–Mini PEKKA, Correct? And Yeah He Is Slower Than Goblin Cause Skarmy Speed Is "Fast" And Goblin Speed Is "Very Fast" And Yeah That Don't Make No Sense Right? And Correct And He Is A Ground Troops And A None Target Building And Yeah Most Top Ladder Use This For Some Cycle Deck Hope Correct? And He Is A Melle Troops And He Have A Another Skeleton Like Tombstone, Skeleton, Guards, Skeleton Dragon, Skeleton Giant, Skeleton Barrel Skeleton King, Bomber, Bomb Tower, Ballon, Witch, Wall Breaker, Skeleton Spell. And Skeleton Army Can Countered With : Zap, Royale Ghost, Arrow, Princess, Fireball, Log, Barbarian Barrel, Mirror, Ice Spell, Snow Ball, Heal Spirit, Fire Spirit, Electro Spirit, Baby Dragon, Mega Knight, Valkre, Dark Knight Skeleton King. And A Good Combo With Skeleton Army Is P.E.K.K.A, Ballon, Musketeer, Sparky Mini PEKKA, Cannon Cart, Prince, Dark Prince, Hog Rider, Skeleton Giant, Skeleton King, Lumber. And OJ-Orange Juices. Use Skeleton Army And Skeleton King, So The Skeleton Army Can Give Skeleton King A Soul And Done.

    And Mini PEKKA Is A Good Card Mostly P.E.K.K.A. Mini PEKKA And Now We Are Talking About Mini PEKKA Student. Mini PEKKA Is Unlocked At Camp Or You Can Say (Starter Arena) He Deal "720 DMG" At Max Lvl And Her Health Is "450 HP" Welp That Kinds Low And He Is Fast Welp He Can Outrun Valkyrie And He Can Kill All Giant "But Not Golem" And He Can Get Killed By : Bats, Skarmy, Skeleton, All The Swarm Card. And Mostly He Can Counter : Valkyrie Mega Knight "If You Placed At Middle" Lumber Jack, Dark Knight, Barbarian Barrel, Knight? "He Kill Knight But Her Health Will Be Low" Hog Rider! Elite Barbarian, Fisher Man, Battle Healer, Magic Archer, Ram Rider. I Hope That's All And He Can Get Killed By Royale Ghost, Hunter I Guess? And If You Asked Ill Show YouSome Combo With Mini PEKKA So First : PEKValk-Mini Pekka + Valkyrie, And Next RagePekka-Mini Pekka + Rage Spell, Pekkjack-Pekka + Lumber Jack, SwarmPekkas-Skeleton Army + Mini Pekka, And SparKKA-Mini Pekka + Sparky, P.E.K.K.A Mini-Mini Pekka + P.E.K.K.A, ZapperPekka-Mini Pekka + Zap Spell, MiniElectro-Electro Wizard + Mini Pekka. And Mini PEKKA Say Pancakes Done.

  26. Hey harrison, I've been trying to contact some Tds developers and they haven't responded to me. I want to ask them if we can buy the plush with a Visa giftcard. Can you please ask them?

  27. I want that commander skin becuz if i dont get it all my birthday money will be gone Also my roblox name is MORGANZAA2010

  28. RIP me I can't win the give away bc discord is bug on mine

  29. I bought one but I haven't gotten the code and it's been 13 days ;-;

  30. username : skt1jairus
    display name : Tenzerra
    good luck everyone getting it harrison is the best youtuber

  31. How to see code with I buy it ?

  32. Harrison: I payed 30$
    Me: 30$ + shipping + taxes

  33. Um I bought my plushie but I never got a code. Its been 3 weeks now and I don't know what to do. Can one of you guys help me

  34. Hey herry its been a while now and I still dont have a code…….i would say 7-9 days by now

  35. EDIT: blacklight just won my sub!


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