[CODE] 5 STAR TSUNADE IS BUSTED! BEST DMG UNIT? Shinobi Tower Defense | Shinobi Tower Defense Codes - fantasy-defense.com

[CODE] 5 STAR TSUNADE IS BUSTED! BEST DMG UNIT? Shinobi Tower Defense | Shinobi Tower Defense Codes

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[CODE] 5 STAR TSUNADE IS BUSTED! BEST DMG UNIT? Shinobi Tower Defense | Shinobi Tower Defense Codes

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  1. Well now I know the three best units for shinobi tower defense lol

  2. I like ur good videos, u doin well in YouTube career

  3. Chill Xeno you post 3 video already you need rest✨

  4. Second video ok ok nice I'm WaTchIng you xeno and the subs going up and yo? Intro sus

  5. This guy doesn’t stop does he respect for the effort u made making these vids for us❤️

  6. 42 minutes late ;-; sorry Xeno we respect that you post the videos

  7. Wait it is out if it is imma go play and try to be just as pro as you

  8. Bro chillllllll you don’t gotta post a video every other minute

  9. Why can all the Youtubers play but not the normal people?

  10. Bty i just started i use minato 4 star 5star pervy sage and 4 star neji =round 18

  11. His damage is HIGHT but his sec per attack is bad

  12. You uploafd so much that i dont even have time to comment

  13. Did I randomly just memorize your intro bc its so fire asf?!

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