CnC Red Alert 3 Online Tower Defence ,. Comp Stomp Gameplay -

CnC Red Alert 3 Online Tower Defence ,. Comp Stomp Gameplay

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My Ra3 Team Mates : Snof

Many thanks to those involved in making awesome Gameplays with me on Command and Conquer Red Alert 3

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  1. You KNOW there's an iron curtain for the first line… so WHY do you insist on STILL piling turrets on that first row ¬¬ what a retard

  2. the extreme lag reminds me of playing games in the early noughties online :

  3. Esto es tan Jodidamente Genial mis camaradas. Me encanta este Juego. Aun Intento encontrar Una Pagina Segura para Conseguir estos Mods o el Upheaval para ser más Exacto. Gracias.

  4. ehm… Porque a nadie se le ocurrio jugar aliados ? las torres prisma hacen daño en grupo y se cargan mutuamente y los criocopteros cuando congelan hacen que puedas destruir una unidad de un solo golpe 😛

  5. Message received today by the special agent James we are told that their mission is a go at normal schedule speed they've had a small delay but the plan will go off as followed by 2020 move us up to Red level confirmation number one 78439 0

  6. Why did no one go Allies to chronosphere units onto the lane
    Also cryocopters……..

  7. Shift click unit queues, you'll train 5 instead of 1

  8. It bothers me how long it took you to start pumping out choppers. Not to mention totally fogot about rocket angels which are anti armor and anti air. 5/10

  9. I Fucking Love it this Cool PC Game my friends. Thanks.

  10. where can you download the custom
    maps dude?

  11. hey man can you pls tell us the name or the link to download the map

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