castle defense online - custom mode but It's just bosses every wave -

castle defense online – custom mode but It’s just bosses every wave

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hi so this mode is very very fun not gonna lie, I got to do some cool stuff with some sussy people

not much to say besides I would love to do this with annihilation stats but my game disconnects me because of how many bosses lol, I do plan on doing impossible custom mode with annih stats though

thanks for watching


  1. Menzoberranzan (New Guild with MAX UPGRADES) is now recruiting. All are welcomed:)

  2. キャッスルディフェンスオンラインというゲームがおすすめです!

  3. Only reason this was so easy was because of the huge dps nnbr and unique had and the fact that no monsters spawned at portal 🙂

  4. Can't wait to play with 0 frame per second ⚰️

  5. When I tried starting a custom mode match, at the beginning of the match the game stops and at the top of the screen it says:

    "Not arrived ingame reward time fail"

    How do you keep this from happening?

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