Cash Young Moneh NoMoh! All Star Tower Defense | Roblox -

Cash Young Moneh NoMoh! All Star Tower Defense | Roblox

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Cash Young Moneh NoMoh! Saber 5 Star All Star Tower Defense | Roblox

Saber 5 Star
Use StarCode : Snow
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#Snowsquad, #SnowRBX, #200KCreator


  1. Snow is gonna get married on my birthday 😀 (if u want u can reply to this with Hbd)

  2. Bruh something is worng with your discord mods i just joked that i am 11 and they kicked me from the server ;-;

  3. Bruh why saber look more like violet evergarden 💀💀💀

  4. saber has a translucent sword (that's what makes her kinda op lol)

  5. In the show sabers sword is invisible your not suppose to see it.

  6. hopefully they make saber alter a 6 star and give her way better stats cause we need more fate units that are useable

  7. Congrats Snow on your coming wedding, we’ll support you no matter what!

  8. The title sounds like a Shindo Life code ngl

  9. i still dont get how a literal saber beam is ground type

  10. Yo 3 days more and it's snow wedding congrats man

  11. My birthday is the day after on the 19th

  12. Can't believe I got demon side In 10x draws only including the banners 5 star😭😭😭😭😭😭

  13. her sword is actually an invisible sword that can only be seen very slightly

  14. 4:50 Saber 5 star is copy cat the animation look like dungeon queen animation and the last animation looks like viggito sword slash

  15. She may have 6 stars version with excalibur

  16. did u forgot he's a he snow?? or did u just stick to what u said on his 4 star review showcase oh btw CONGRATS SNOW!

  17. so there's a possibility for her 6* to be the lancer form using Rhongominiyad since the fgo camelot movie is already finished.

    unless the devs went bonkers turning her into 6* buffer unit based on castoria that still available at JP FGO

  18. I Love how your wedding day is on my mums birthday 😅

  19. im commenting on your day of marrage have a gud life 😀

  20. The final upgrade he dot attack we can not see the animation 🙁

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