Buying MAX LEVEL TOWERS in Roblox Tower Defense! -

Buying MAX LEVEL TOWERS in Roblox Tower Defense!

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Buying MAX LEVEL TOWERS in Roblox Tower Defense Simulator

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  1. do fallen mode or hardcore or badlands 2 or pizza party

  2. Here Is A Few Tips To Help.
    1. golden towers exist which makes the towers stronger
    2. The map difficulty does not matter, its just there to show how hard the map is
    3.Always sell farms on the last wave. they are useless on the last wave and take up space
    4.pyro is actually good for hidden detection and is even better when golden
    5.Use Engineer Always, She Does Great Dps(damage per second)

  3. He gotta learn about Golden skins. They are 50000 coin cost skins that buff The towers that have that skin

  4. You should play the western map. It is so hard.

  5. try buying gold skin it give buff to your tower gold skin fave 6 mini scout crook boss sodier cowboy and pyaro it now good try it :>

  6. I could Play with yall if you want nick:lwgpiotrek11😅

  7. Get to Hardcore and do some of those matches, maybe even show the journey of getting to Level 50 so you all can go do Hardcore.


  9. Yet im alot better than socks in tds bc im gonna get accel soon

  10. I'm bored here's a fact molten is easyer than normal mode

  11. I like how in molten mode the farms are mini tycoons😂

  12. When oof said "were too "good" in this game bro you havent unlocked hardcore or pizza party polluted waste lands no badlands💀

  13. Socks if your willing to play tds again Buy engineer with B O B U X and get dj booth with B O B U X

  14. 1:05 "we can easily do hardmode"
    Hardmode: 50 Waves,5 Bosses,Balloons

  15. Sock pls friend me i will make you win fallen mode pls i will do anying

  16. you were playing on molten mode wich is the easiest mode if you want to suffer play hardcore mode or polluted wastelands

  17. Tips: join the group so you can get 600 $ instead of $500 in game if you win go to rewards claim your reward defeat molten boss

  18. i recomennd pizza party also keep it up we love the tds videos!

  19. Little does he know the horrors of polluted wasteland II….

  20. I'm bored get to level 10 I want to see fallen

  21. u need to play tower defence simulator again but with the new and harder zombies breakers

  22. I would use crock boss mini gunner accelerator and commender

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