Build Mode's NEXT UPDATE LEAK #2: Tower Defense, Advanced Spawn Block, & MORE! -

Build Mode’s NEXT UPDATE LEAK #2: Tower Defense, Advanced Spawn Block, & MORE!

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Roblox Piggy Build Mode’s NEXT Update has had MORE info revealed!
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  1. Fun fact: MY friend told me I made the first ever gameshow since I made it in like 2020 or 2021.. Which is cool but idk the user is (MR_MTEST1)

  2. By the way the escape block isn't on touch but can be linked to something like a lever

  3. I really want tag mode into build mode also admin commands such as chosing who is piggy

  4. I always wanted to make a tower defense game in piggy, I’m so exited

  5. I actually made a tower defense once in piggy but its bad

  6. What If minitoon cancelled the update? That would be bad

  7. So the escape blocks it’s like from book 2 ch 9 from how we escape also I got some new map ideas for the new update the comes out

  8. Some much amazing news and they are all coming in This weekend let's Gooooo oh and I really really hope minition will make a possible options to publishe build mode maps and able to select piggy player like in VIP servers

  9. If you guys remember minitoon livestream a viewer said will u make a collab with a different game instead of (game name I forgot what game munition was gonna collab with) but minitoon said he would of choose tds to collab with and since minitoon is gonna add a tower defense gamemode that means he kinda made tds collab work but instead of collating he's adding a new gamemode

  10. Yes love this but please just add more decorations book 2 door etc. I like the link stuff. But we haven’t got any new decorations in a while.

  11. I really hope he fixes the dialogue problem for cutscenes because it’s been in the game since the update came out

  12. So i still gotta keep the secret or…? 🤔

  13. There should be a custom scripting service so that people who know to script can make WAY better maps, and there should be advanced mode like roblox studio, and the custom scripts feature would be in the advanced mode

  14. piggy build mode in 2026: piggy x gta x fifa open world minecraft


  16. ErnieC3! I found a way to make those Animated Event Sounds in Piggy Build Mode!

    First you need to get three objects: Powered Sound Block, Timer and the XOR gate. Turn on the object you want to use (lever, button, etc.) E Turn on the Timer and the XOR gate Then turn on the XOR gate for the Powered Sound Block. Put in a sound you want to use and make sure you set the perfect time to finish. And then it will be complete with this new tip (which I discovered on my own.)

  17. I have an idea for what Minitoon should do
    He should add a flood block now what this would do is:
    There will be a drain at the bottom of the room and the flood block triggers whenever you want it to and the players have to get a certain item to get rid of the water
    Edit: thanks for whoever gave the one like

  18. When I saw tower defence on the title I thought of the bloxy awards

  19. Me on my way to recreate the entirety of tower defense simulator after tower defense gets released in piggy

  20. It's great that Mini is still updating his game!! If this is the final update, I hope he adds increments (Things inside of obby creator and build a boat) so we can make more detailed maps!

  21. Even tho Piggy ended and I’ve not played it since I miss it

  22. I like tower defense and piggy this will be good.

  23. Another thing i would like added is outro cutscenes for specific exit doors

  24. Tower defense games are my life (im such a loser)so im glad to see he is doing this

  25. Bro people gonna make friggin Bloons tower defense in piggy 💀💀💀


  27. mini should add different soldier types of some sort (ex: black soldier thats is stronger and blue soldier that is faster)

  28. They need to make Build Mode Links a bit More Easier to understand ngl in my opninion.

  29. I think they were inspired by Tower Defense Simulator lol

  30. I wish there was a link that can link to levers and button to change if you can use the or not

  31. whats that game called what u was playing

  32. maybe you can link the time thing to the soldier spawn and then you can time it to when to stop

  33. The fact that it's still impossible is hilarious lol

  34. i'm a minigames piggy maker, and I gotta say I love all the new content, now I can do better deathrun maps!

  35. Piggy links are litery great many idea to make.

  36. Can you please live stream my map🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  37. I am so confused so mini has not updated the games for two years and this was made nine months ago excuse me

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