*BRAND NEW* The Most OP Tower In Roblox Tower Defense Simulator | JeromeASF Roblox - fantasy-defense.com

*BRAND NEW* The Most OP Tower In Roblox Tower Defense Simulator | JeromeASF Roblox

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  1. I like how he says the ace pilot is the most OP tower when it’s like so bad lol

  2. Tower defense copied tower battles so badly and theirs nothing earth can do about it :/

  3. He trying to get views by putting they thumbnail there your answer everyone

  4. Imagine putting zed thumbnail making people think its a TB Video

  5. That’s zed from tower battles , the og game, the generational game

  6. his placements is like woest than My shit

  7. You dare call this game a tower turret tycoon game?

  8. I wouldn’t but my phone will probably die

  9. Okay first thing the first thing is only this thing I want to say why is the picture of a tower battles zed

  10. vales nme is zebedee i probably botched the spelling but thats cool i dont know why it would scare kids though

  11. Thumbnail: zed tower
    Video: ace pilot tower
    Me: •_•

  12. I tried iv gotten to 13 sticks 3 times a day for a week i maid it to 5 out of 7

  13. OK srsly there IS a TDS version of zed but its exclusive watch one of gdlive's videos and u will see the thing

  14. wwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwww

  15. So, You Put ZED from Tower Battles in TDS Video

  16. Surprised for how big he is he wasn’t given admin tbh

  17. Also this old version of tds was what elevated tds above any other tower defense game

  18. It's a Zed in the thumbnail not the ace….
    They aren't even in the same game

  19. Which tower defence game is this please? We cant fine it

  20. i em sice weth abrocen arme but jerome olwes macs me hape

  21. My name mean strength of god

  22. Who is the most coolest YouTuber ever? this guy JeromeASF Is the most coolest and hilarious 😂

  23. As someone rewatching this video as a semi pro of TDS now, Its so many faaaaaarrrmmmmms

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