Bought 10 Exclusive Crate In Skidibi Toilet Tower Defense Game💀| Roblox -

Bought 10 Exclusive Crate In Skidibi Toilet Tower Defense Game💀| Roblox

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  1. I like how people who have skibidi toilet pfp saying this game is meh 😂

  2. Lmao most of the comments are in my comment

  3. poor sweaking has to make videos on this shit bc tds doesnt update 🙁 why a cringe meme bad game p2w tdx game got so fucking popular

  4. Goofy ahh skibidi toilet defence simulator 💀💀💀

  5. This game sucks 💀
    Its just pet sim x but td version

  6. Bro, why? Toilets aren't worth your time💀💀💀

  7. the reason im playing this game is i like tds ad my phone cant handle that game

  8. i used once 1800 money and everything I got were common and uncommons,not even a rare

  9. bro just wasted 1500 robux to the trashy game💀

  10. I should say Telanthric is dissapointed against you

  11. You should play skibi toilet tower defense (the one that has 2.5 mil visit on the icon) it has way SMOOTHER anamations and better gameplay i swear to god if you dont like it i will lick my feet

  12. his unluck saved him in this video…
    i can't say lucky or unlucky he is

  13. U should check ur luck by opening 9 summon if u get legendary then ur luck is good lol

  14. I know this does not have to do with the topic but, I’m playing TDS with a Xbox controller (p.s. it’s impossible to win)

  15. You do know luck boost DONT work on the crate

  16. you know you like it.. YOU KNOW YOU LIKE IT

  17. Lol the luck of the game sucks witch made me stop playing the game

  18. I Request to play Skibi Toilet Tower Defense instead of this hecking low budget game with no effort… It has good effects and balance than this game smh💀💀

  19. Like they said, usually it’s best to bite a lighter if you’re out of idea for video.
    (Seriously don’t bite one, it’s dangerous)

  20. Dude just buy the lucky gamepass first u would get 4%

  21. Lol this bad? If this game bad you are worst

  22. Rip robux 2023-2023
    Reason of death: got spent on no effort cash grab game

  23. Since the game released it’s been trash, they just put pet simulator x egg system but tower defense. Half the models are free models and the YouTuber has been copying games for a long time now. He even made a quote in quote bedwars fan game that had payed kits. I don’t even think he does any work on the game. 💀

  24. The engineer cameraman is the rarest in the game. How can you get it on 10 crates with luck

  25. Sup, I remembered when you played tds long time ago. Missed you alot ❤ and I remembered when you made nutshell video

  26. fun fact i got engineer in first try and uh tbh it kinda useless after i got mech

  27. Keep in mind their is only 1 scripter so we would prob have more updates snd better game play if their was more

  28. I reccomend you play skibi toilet tower defense,its made by Another Untitled Group(if im not wrong) its way better than this and more balanced

  29. Should have make the plasm gun have long cooldown like uhh ranger

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