Bloons Tower Defense in REAL LIFE -

Bloons Tower Defense in REAL LIFE

Andy Front
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This is a real life 3D animated video of the famous Bloons Tower Defense game. Enjoy!


  1. I thought the temple was going to sacrifice the whole park xDDDD

  2. Super monkey is kinda scary but i did like to play that irl

  3. Imagine of he did it with real monkies but I know why he didn't (animal abuse)

  4. With healthbars Bloons Td 5 (100K Likes) 🙂 hahahahaha Look


  5. i know this vid is old but god the fucking sun god temple made me mad, literally you could have done any other choice, as an example maim moab but you go for sun god temple, im dissapointed.

  6. Did anybody notice that the dart monkey had a way bigger range

  7. If only this was how money worked in that game

  8. Just realized you kinda predicted btd6 with how the towers and bloons are more 3d looking

  9. I'm still wondering to this day how did that missile just one shot a MOAB

  10. This video is one of the most inspiring, beautiful, and most perfect videos I've ever seen. Every second, no…frame of this video has blessed my undeserving eyes with greatness on my unworthy screen. I'll never forget the look on each of the sand grains, the baloons, *super monkey*.
    When I grow old with young children, I'll show my kids this breathtaking masterpiece so that my kids will show their kids as well. We'll make this inspiring video a tradition in our family tree thanks to you Andy Front.

  11. Really good bro but not to be rude the monkeys was a little bit funny

  12. I wonder what the reaction of the people around him are? Their just walking and they see some guy running around looking like he's on something.

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