Bloons Tower Defense But YOU'RE The Bloon! (NEW GAME) -

Bloons Tower Defense But YOU’RE The Bloon! (NEW GAME)

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Bloons Tower Defense But YOU’RE The Bloon! (NEW GAME)

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  1. "If we upgrade our health we'll be less cracked as a ceramic"

    But isn't that bad 🤨

  2. “Bombs are immune to black balloons” he said. Lol

  3. Can you do a video on the changed engineer monkey for me please?

  4. this vid amkes you respect da bloons for going through this trauma the past 4 years..(btd6)

    but realize they been through this since the 2000s…(if you count bloons pop)

  5. 6:38 I'm probably not the first one who say this, but black bloons can also be damaged by X-X-2 bomb shooter in BTD6

  6. This game is the best thing Ive seen, please release it!

  7. “bruh, YOUR AIM IS SO BAD” that part made me burst out of laughter lol, the bruh meme and the zoom in….

  8. Can you do another when you work on health to see if you turn into one of the blimps

  9. this game would be so much harder if he added a sniper

  10. Dart monkey = Messi vs Mexico free kick

  11. " the bombs are immune to black bloons "
    " only in battles 2 cause of the frag bomb upgrades "
    this dude has lost his braincells trying to play monkey game

  12. I love that every time you trashtalk the monkeys, they pop you xD

  13. This is why super monkey fan club is great

  14. i like how youtubers playing btd6 inspired games act like they are playing bloons for the first time

  15. i tried endless mode and it gets really hard when the map is covered in ice monkeys and there is atleast 1 temple, the ice monkeys being together makes it very hard to pass them without stopping which the temple kills you when you slow down or get slowed

  16. the fact he purposely went through the loops despite being fully conscious he didnt have to out of sheer tradition would be a hilarious way to explain why bloons never take the easier route in the btd canon

  17. 6:36 u mean the black balloon is immune to the bomb? Not the bomb is immune to the black balloon.

  18. Thank God you put bloon instead of balloon in the title.

  19. that games really hard cuz round 20 theres a sun god temple

  20. Imagine playing this but you’re the monkey

  21. Bro plasma super monkey on round 18 in thumbnail i wish

  22. Played endless mode and got to rd55 but if you hold down forward and an angle (right or left) then you go WAY faster. Great vid <3

  23. I saw the guy who made the game and your video at the same time XD


    " No ones even hitting me"
    Famous last words

  25. Touhou players would have a blast against the sun temple

  26. It would be cool for a speedrun category to add the sniper monkeys. Also as a health check

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