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This Blooket Hack will give you unlimited coins and MORE in Tower Defense.


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  1. Do this Blooket Hack NOW. Dont tell your friends how to hack Blooket Tower Defense.

  2. Do you know when these hacks will be patched? Kinda getting annoying with bots and hackers.

  3. Please don't patch the auto box opener, that's all I ask. I don't wanna spend 10 years in hell opening boxes.

  4. why are you promoting hacks/scripts to kids?

  5. AsternixPro is my blooket account name I have a mythical, chroma and legendary pls check me in next video

  6. The reason why there is the change game round hack is if you are in life then you can change it something ridicolous like 9999 and get millions of damage.

  7. Question: my school blocked inspect and is it possible without it?

  8. If this is in a homework, can our teacher tell if we hacked?

  9. I want this hack so bad but whenever i try and click the link it says page not found

  10. It got patched all it says is made by glitz on top left

  11. they patched it and if you try it it wont let you place anything

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