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how to use gladiator like a pro. can be done with any amounts of players as long as you have enough of them. dont get any more past wave 30, not worth it.



  1. oh come on i have gladiator but i dont have toxic gunner

  2. The dislikes are from people that don't own glad.

  3. hey egg is this before toxic gunner was nerfed or after the nerf?

  4. why would you use this when you can have 4 farms that gives 1000 and more in wave 10 with ace

  5. Thanks for the advice that we will never find helpful 😀

  6. Trying to get 1k subs with stupid videos says:

    My guy just turned "best way to use gladiator" into "how to solo fallen with gladiator"

  7. The video's strat (made this to be convenient for me)
    Wave 0-4 2 glad
    Wave 5 3 glad
    Wave 7 4 glad
    Wave 10-Wave 15 get 1 glad to lvl 4
    Wave 16-18 get least 2 glads to lvl 4
    Wave 19 get both glad to lvl 5 and save the ability
    Wave 20 use ability on boss
    Wave 21 get commander's COA(call on arms) with glad's ability
    Wave 22 get at least 3 lvl 5 gladiators and use either the glad's skill or COA
    Wave 23 use Coa and glad skill
    Wave 24 get 4 maxed gladiator and use it skill+COA to handle the shadow boss
    Wave 25 – 29 probably can make it xd
    Wave 30 Tank coming in, need toxic gunner or anything to slow it down
    Wave 30-40 Probably can handle to wave 40 if spam gladiators and toxic gunners
    That's all I think :/

  8. How to counter wave 5 : pray to god your gladiators can handle the quicks

  9. Do best way to use golden scout in fallen mode

  10. people who dont have glad watching this and still saying very interesting very intresting

  11. POV: your here because you just got back from buying gladiator at black friday

  12. everyone who just bought glad from todays black friday sale: YYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs

  13. haha im the third guy returning bc of black friday sale

  14. Bruh Stop Subbing At My Channel Bruh says:

    Pov: U got Glad gamepass and u came here how to solo Fallen using Glad.

  15. lol this vid got on my recommendations after i bought glad on gamepass

  16. egg wondering why this video getting views again be like

  17. rip to those who don’t have Gladiator :’)

  18. BelowNatural: hmm Black Friday what tower do I sell? Hmmm I know Gladiator!!!

  19. Sledger when he sees the amount of glads needed to kill a giant boss: PATHETIC. I only need one of me and commander to kill a giant boss!

  20. me who has glad but still does well with it regardless:


  21. this made me get my first fallen win without using any strat even tho im lv. 260

  22. You:this is a spam. Me:yes definetely a spam

  23. If you can solo with just one tower, supports or not, there is no best way to use that tower.

  24. ur the Strat god I can't believe I can solo fake in over 10 different ways cuz of u , I can grind gold crate ezzzzz , SHRED FALLEN KING

  25. Hey man great vid does anyone want to come sub to me so I can live stream?

  26. I guess this can also be a grinding strat using fallen mode,glad and accels mainly do 13 mins for 500 coins and if u do this (fallen) you'll get 600 for 15 mins,hm I'd say it's also good but molten just do the job faster

  27. I wait sell i buy gladiator i need gladiator its top tower

  28. Also here’s a typo: You said slow boss instead of giant boss. That’s a big diffrence

  29. i have gladiator but i think fallen is too stressfull with how you have to use abilities do that and that with the gladiator, i also feel bad
    for only using gladiator in molten and not fallen. shadow bosses and wave 10 boss sucks lol

  30. i need really some strats documents

  31. Egg: You wont be able to handle wave 30 without toxic gunner
    Me with sledger: Tee hee

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