Best Tower Defence Games | TOP10 Tower-Defense (TD) PC Games -

Best Tower Defence Games | TOP10 Tower-Defense (TD) PC Games

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Best 10 Tower Defence Games for PC.
In tower defense games, you’re meant to attack players’ territories or items by staving off enemy aggressors and staking your claim on the land. It’s not for everyone, but for some enthusiasts, it’s the best genre out there.
There aren’t as many brand new tower defence games for PC. And I find that a bit of a shame, because this is the one strategy sub-genre that feels like it really cool. Don’t worry, though, TD fans. There are still loads of brilliant tower defence games available. Even if some of them are a little old, you can’t have played them all, right?

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  1. Because of your video, I became aware of the Kingdom Rush games. I really like them. Thank you very very much for this great tip. I really appreciate that. Best regards from Germany.

  2. I´m looking more for a game like Warcraft III

  3. putting DD Awakened in there when DD 1 exists is a crime

  4. 11:20 WTF is that ? that game doesn not look fun at all. And of course you missed the best game of them all DG: awakening (probably why with all the downvotes. ill give you an upvote just for not including it)

  5. kingdom two crowns and kingdom rush, best tower defense games forever.

  6. Great list but those tower defence games can't beat Mushroom Wars 2! 🍄🍄🍄

  7. The downvotes are crazy. This is a cool list of standard classics like BTD 6 and some really unique TD genre bending games. As I said in a comment below don't take top 10 lists too seriously, its a smart way for small channels to get going. Good list of games in the video.

  8. I like tower defense is good games me like this

  9. He doesnt even know that bloons td 6 is one of the best tower defense game

  10. Only good game on list is Kingdom Rush ( Origin ,Frontiers and Vengeance ) .You missed Plants vs Zombies ( Best of the best ! )

  11. I really think Bloons tower defence 6 should be number 1

  12. The Kingdom Rush series is definitely the best tower defense you can get

  13. Bloons TD 6, lack of play style, it rely and restricted by the map

  14. Happiness to good people, death to bad people says:

    Where is the Orks Must Die

  15. Have you played the games in the Gemcraft series? I was expecting to see at least one on your list.

  16. 《 ᴀᴛᴀɢᴏ-ɴɪsᴛ 》• 10 years ago says:

    If you can get past the idea of playing Roblox, then Tower Defense Simulator is a great game for multiplayer co-op, while Tower Battles more so for versus/competitive.

  17. Very bad rating. Only retro games. No GemCraft. No Orcs must die. Wrong Kingdom Rush. Dislike.

  18. ah yes, sanctum 2. seriously a good game, i beaten it and it is rather fun imo, and HEAVILY underrated nowadays, it's combination of 2 of my favorite genres, first person shooter and tower defense, and the fact it restricts how many towers you can have active, leaves the ability for strategy and making it so you need to help assist the towers instead of staying back and doing nothing, adds a change of pace. and the maze building reminds me of defense grid, another great tower defense

  19. giants vs dwarfes will allways be in my heart

  20. 1st one shown is an xmorph knock off

  21. amazing, the first one is a knockoff of X-morph:defense. nice one.

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