Best New Game Pass Games! 9 Best New Games Out on Game Pass for Xbox in May 2023 -

Best New Game Pass Games! 9 Best New Games Out on Game Pass for Xbox in May 2023

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What’s new on Game Pass in May 2023, plus the best Game Pass games you may have missed over the last few weeks!

In May 2023 on Game Pass, Amnesia: The Bunker brings World War I horror, Redfall has you covered for co-op vampire slaying, and Railway Empire 2 is all over that old-timey train management tip. Andy runs down the best of recent and upcoming weeks on Xbox Game Pass, and Jane has been playing a bunch of Cities: Skylines Remastered.

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  1. THANK YOU GAMEPASS I'm currently playing ghostwire Tokyo the last case of benadict fox and afterimage

  2. "What are you gonna do with a single bullet?" Well I know what I'm gonna do with it"… bra that was so dark for saying that 😂

  3. "Anyone can make an Alice in Wonderland game, just look at American McGee." Well, anyone can, except for apparently American McGee.

  4. Always appreciate these types of videos, as I rarely find the time to browse new games unless i'm expecting a specific release.

  5. Jane wearing her dad's trousers is a choice 😂

  6. Masocore. Perfect genre name for a bunch of hardcore masochists. Get fucked good.

  7. I know Jane said "Any and all" but Innian Awl would be a good vampire name.

  8. Would not recommend Redfall, it's just going to be horrendous microtransactions game with a store page as it's main attraction, typical Microsoft game these days, good to play once or twice maybe

  9. Of course they are embarrassed about the vampire game it has all the trademarks of a coprolite game. I think all companies that release excrement because of their coprolite overlords should just quit and run an independent studio.

  10. Redfall looks great. My only complaint is i whised both players progressed story but aparently only host progress. So need to do it twice or more. Not sure why they dont have it. Desyiny has it

  11. Andy seeing in 1 fps may explain his gameplay of RE4 remake. 😂

  12. Thanks I already have enough war irl, don't need it in games too. Vampires, however…

  13. But does Redfall have rat physics? What about bat physics? A tide of bats? These are the pressing questions that I come to this channel for.

  14. “If you loved Sekiro why not try Wo Long?” is like one of those algorithmic suggestions except it’s like “you loved hemorrhoids, now try prolapsed anus”. In both cases you need to take better care of yourself.

  15. I've finished Ghostwire Tokyo and it's a very fun game, sadly it seems like Tango have no intention to fix the performance and gameplay issues of it.

    While i'm not happy that Redfall gonna launched unfinished, no offline and performance mode, it will be my main game this may.

  16. Ghostwire Tokyo is pretty fun game. got to say Japanese spiritual folklore is f**** terrifying

  17. Try saying cococucumber to the music of the mexican song, La Cucuracha. It’s hard.

  18. Wow, Fuga Melodies of Steel seems dark. “Firing the soul cannon requires a child soul sacrifice”

  19. Explosive amnesia? Nice Futurama reference

  20. 1 – This is slowly scaring me. Its performance necessities appear to be alienating prospective gamers… may we hope to be proven wrong, of course.
    2 – Hmm, pass for now. Looks interesting though. (Shame about the recent American McGee news though.)
    3 – Hmm, pass too, but only because I haven't checked up on its first game yet. (I think of it as a Lackadaisy+Valkyria Chronicles hybrid, with some Metal Slug.)
    4 – Am still of the opinion that The Dark Descent is hard to beat.
    5 – Skipping.
    6 – More skipping.
    7 – G: T is a hype failure in my opinion. That's all I can say for now.
    8 – Hmm, how's the PC port nowadays? If it's already fully fixed and redeemed, then I'm all in for it!
    9 – Man, May sure feels a bit too dry, since I'm ignoring this also.

    Most likely not part of the Game Pass, but I am so hyped for System Shock Remake. Oh, and what about the remake for Live A Live?

  21. LOVE the two of these anytime they do a video together!! Such an incredibly wonderful and adorable couple they make as well too!! LET'S HEAR IT FOR OUR ANDY AND JANE GUYS!!! Awesome video on the newest Game Pass games here as well too!!!

  22. I hope we get some decent games as their have not been that many triple a games tbh I'm a bit bored of what they give us

  23. Man, I really miss you guys being on the couch <3

  24. 9 best game pass games. Such sadness that I miss the good old days when a game was released finished and for 1 fee you got the whole experience.

  25. Completely unrelated to any and all you've talked about, but love the blouse, Jane.

  26. Thanks Jane and Andy, I have preinstalled Ravenlok and I am playing City Skylines 😀

  27. I very much enjoy the chaotic Andy and straightman (or woman) Jane bit

  28. I work retail in a tourist town, and the station for the scenic railroad is right across the street from the store. Today a little family came in (dad, mom, toddler, and infant), all dressed up as engineers. The dad said it was the little girl's 2nd birthday, and she'd been very excited to go on the train. She was clearly super tired from her outing, but apparently she did say "all aboard" in her tiny voice after being prompted.

  29. Andy, hate to correct you here, but you said "…finished Elden Ring, maybe youre waiting for the next FromSoftware game?" when talking about Wo-Long (I enjoyed the demo, footage of me killing 2 bosses on my channel😊) Fallen Dynasty? Well, fortunately for ME and other Sci-Fi > Medieval Fantasty players, the next FromSoftware game has quite literally JUST been given its 1st Gameplay Trailer, and it's ARMORED CORE VI: FIRES OF RUBICON, which is a Mecha game (obv), and where FROMSoft got their start. A recent interview said that while they do have multiple projects in development currently, AC6 is coming out August this year! Frankly, it shot straight to the top of my most wanted list after hearing from one of the leads in an IGN interview. It sounds insanely fun, looks like it's from the future (in terms of visual fidelity and gameplay), and I haven't played a new, fun (console) mech game since Titanfall 2 if that xounts. If it doesn't, then MechAssault 2 on OG Xbox!

  30. I am so glad you guys are doing couch talk videos again. It's lovely.

  31. Been a tough couple of weeks seemingly for Corazon’s alter ego. I hope more people make anthropomorphic turn based games so they can be ripped into mercilessly with a wry grin. Genie get on it! It’s great to see.

    Also, gotta get back into Wo Long, thanks for the reminder.

  32. As an Arkane and immersive sim fan, Redfall is obviously my most anticipated game of the bunch, but Ravenlok genuinely looks lovely, too! Sadly…yeah, it's definitely the kind of game that I wouldn't have heard of if it hadn't been on Game Pass, but, hey, that's the beauty of this service, right? Thanks for bringing these smaller titles up!

    Also, Farworld Pioneers reminds me so much of a game that y'all played ages ago – i.e. another side-scrolling, open world survival game – but I can't, for the life of me, remember its name. Either way, a Let's Play of that, for old time's sake?

  33. “Great news, everybody: games are back!” Still my fave Oxbox moment ever.

  34. I tried Ghostwire Tokyo, and I found it really cool how Shibuya Station looks the exact same it does im Persona 5, (so probably real life) and I agree fully that the atmosphere and style is so cool but the combat is soooo fucking boring

    I also FUCKING LOVE Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, but it is NOT the most accessible Souls Like, it is easier starting out but the first boss is a complete wall, you HAVE to immediately learn how to parry and perfectly dodge attacks.

  35. Don't worry Jane, I haven't been to Tokyo either 😢

  36. Andy: Anyone can make their own Alice in Wonderland game, look at American Megee.

    Somewhere American Megee sheds a single tear for the third Alice the rights holders won't let him make, not sure what brought out that emotion in him.

  37. I, for one, would like Tom Hanks to be a vampire in his next movie.

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