Best New Game Pass Games! 9 Best New Games Out on Game Pass for Xbox in May 2023 -

Best New Game Pass Games! 9 Best New Games Out on Game Pass for Xbox in May 2023

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What’s new on Game Pass in May 2023, plus the best Game Pass games you may have missed over the last few weeks!

In May 2023 on Game Pass, Amnesia: The Bunker brings World War I horror, Redfall has you covered for co-op vampire slaying, and Railway Empire 2 is all over that old-timey train management tip. Andy runs down the best of recent and upcoming weeks on Xbox Game Pass, and Jane has been playing a bunch of Cities: Skylines Remastered.

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  1. "Overcome fear, persevere, make your way out alive" is 2023's "Spray, delay, walk away"

  2. Im actually interested in railway empire 2. Going to get it now!

  3. I really like these videos, I am always confused what is new and what is going. Recap video's like these are perfect, going to check out Ravenlok. Looks really fun, and a nice filler game until a certain other big Switch game is coming May 12. Also will give Ghostwire a 2nd chance, i dit try it a little bit but it didn't click with me. But I love the Japanese style, I will reinstall and give it another go. Please keep these video's up, I really like the way you recap gamepass this way!

  4. I've played dozens of hours of Ghostwire, it's really fun. It takes a bit to get going, but running around a spooky shibuya full of yokai and magic is a ton of fun and in classic open world fashion, you tend to just wanna ignore the main quest and go after collectables which there's plenty of, including over 200,000 souls to save.

    I've not played the new Rougelite mode, but Spider's thread does add some fun abilities, a very good side quest, and some of the more troublesome enemies you'll encounter.

  5. I wish they would bring grand theft auto and alan wake to game pass. They seem to game included The best games though. I have played Halo 5 for The first time this week.

  6. So after 20 mins yet again nothing really nothing worth subscribing to gamepass for! Waste of money

  7. Love how Jane is vividly trying to imagine Andy's description of game pass!!!

  8. Cities Remastered is missing loads of stuff so dont play it till its updated with everything from original

  9. If you want old-timey steam trains Andy, come to Ipswich, we've got them, and during certain holiday periods we actually have them running on tourist lines. Small note: not Ipswich, UK, but Ipswich, QLD, Australia… But hey, steam trains!

  10. And your parents were kidnapped by dog Nazis is not a sentence I expected to hear this early in the morning

  11. I think Andy might be a smidge excited for old timey trains.

  12. why all the games look like 8 bits videos game..after spending 300 dollar on console I expect more than this

  13. You guys didn't mention Coffee Talk episode 2

  14. My version of Game Pass is the 900+ games I've acquired over the years and mostly never finished.

  15. Another Amnesia? That's one week of Ellen's Fear Academy sorted!

  16. 13:33 Nope, it's called "Soulslike". Can't imagine why. But just to be sure I typed massacore into Google to find nothing.

  17. The whiplash of this video is nuts! Cute anthro cats, dark depression, yeehaw trains, electric death rifle!

  18. I’d like to see a railroad tycoon 2 stream of Andy, as an alternative ending for Red Dead 2 where Arthur escapes and becomes a railway kingpin, under his “Brash Oilman” disguise.

  19. Andy only being able to see 1 frame per second does explain how bad he is at Resident Evil 4…

  20. Oh Red FALL. I was wondering where the adventurous little mice with swords were. :p

  21. I think Andy just hates trains, because they ended the cowboy age.

  22. 9:26 – As a Dane I can NOT accept a map of Denmark where the peninsula of Jutland is linked to the island of Funen by a landmass.

  23. 11:26 Space colonialism? Working people to death for space potatoes? Now that's peak space English. 😂😂😂

  24. I've been playing Ghostwire Tokyo for a week now, and the combat is fine, not great but could be worse (except when fighting those multi-armed flying f**kers, they can eat one) but the traversal mechanics are fantastic and the theming/aesthetic care is incredible. A solid 7/10, easy

  25. 10:22 Andy, if a farmer falls in love with a minor, someone is likely to get demonetized…

  26. With Zelda coming out, the steam deck gang is now the switch gang

  27. The Beast is definitely a grown up cat child from an alternate reality version of a war that hasnt happened yet in Amnesia The Bunker. I 100% agree, Andy.

  28. Hey i really enjoy yours videos but can you do a video about grounded?

  29. 1. Fantasy FPS
    2. Fantasy RPG
    3. A game that has no place in 2023
    4. Horror FPS
    5. Nobody likes trains
    6. Another game that has no place in 2023
    7. Fantasy FPS
    8. Fighting RPG
    9. Basically the Sims.

    Do game developers not have any imagination left or what? These all suck.

  30. "Can I run my old timey, 1800s steam train up to your city?" Greatest chat up line in history!

  31. can't wait for ravenlok! the devs previous game, echo generation, was on gamepass a while back and is severely underrated imo. definitely check them both out.

  32. Has been trash the past few months not even worth 15$

  33. I was excited about Redfall but on my xbox one S it's only available through cloud. Does cloud gaming just not work at all for anyone else? Screen is all pixels, maybe one frame per minute? I have a wired 60mb connection so I don't think that's the issue.

  34. Jane's hands have a very strong vampire vibe while talking about Redfall.

  35. Guys, they already made an "Alice in Wonderland" game based on the Burton "film", let's not be too encouraging, okay? ( I do want to play this one though )
    Also, I did buy Ghostwire when it released on Steam, the atmosphere and setting are really great and it feel like there's a lot of ground to explore. I would agree that the combat is not very satisfying, at least early game, I think you unlock more abilities later. If you have any interest in Japanese mythology, especially yokai and the like, you may enjoy it.

  36. "Craft, build, mine and farm together or strap an electric death rifle to your back and take on the galaxy."

    I did not see this sentence ending like that when it started.

  37. This would be great if I was 14 lol I am too old now and don't have the energy to get my money worth out of this. Dang lucky youngsters

  38. Yes, more game pass goodness with Andy and Jane, thank you very much people. Redfall, Railway Empire 2 and Amnesia look interesting I must say.

  39. Red fall is not worth the download… horrid. Not sure why she thinks it’s great…

  40. If people only knew what Game Pass entails for the future of gaming. Well Cloud Gaming with Game Pass is the next step of DRM and the end of downloading games, not a very bright future for game Preservation or for modding Communities. It will be the end of gaming as we know it.

    Game Pass is not in your best interest, mark my words.

  41. Man all the Xbox news from this date is already aging horribly because of Red Fall. Starfield is their only other major first party release this year and it needs to nail it with at least 9/10 review scores or else there is going to be a lot of firing and major changes in management at Xbox.

  42. "are you ashamed of your vampire game?"

    Yes, yes they are and they absolutely should be

  43. Love the hey bear music in the background

  44. Unfortunately redfall's release wasn't as successful as expected(hopefully with the extra time that won't happen to starfield)but on a good note Jane is as beautiful as ever(just like ellen,I have them both as xbox friends I hope that someday I can play something with them that's would be cool.)

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