Beating Nuclear Fallen King || TOWER DEFENSE SIMULATOR - ROBLOX -

Beating Nuclear Fallen King || TOWER DEFENSE SIMULATOR – ROBLOX

Aden & Ebeb
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Hello Gaesss….. 😎😎😎

in this video I want to recall how to defeat the nuclear fallen king in polluted wasteland, hopefully this map and nuclear fallen king can be activated again.

I hope you like and enjoy, don’t forget to like, subscribe and comment… 🙏🙏🙏

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  1. How thats illigal
    (ik how its just a joke btw)

  2. How you play tds nfk in 2021 but is removed

  3. Ohhhh video is cool but i am sad now because miss him 🙁

  4. when i first playrd tds it was before halloween 2020 but didnt played again cuz i was bored then i played it again when halloween update realesed and played poluted waste land there but i was a noob and didnt know what to do but now i can solo molten and have to many towers

  5. get me to 100k subs so i can brag about it says:

    did you put the "G" word in the description??? change the Gaessss to "Guyssss" because roblox moderation is bad

  6. RIP im very jealous I almost beat the nuclear he had 90k but he spawned circuits near the end >:(

  7. this video gives me old memory's of old tds

  8. i did as good on duo polluted wasteland on halloween 2020

  9. Others: *nostalgia on the NFK boss

    Me: *nostalgia to the old cursor

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