Beating 3 Tower Defense Games AT ONCE!?? -

Beating 3 Tower Defense Games AT ONCE!??

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  1. Btw if you place a spike factory in BTD 6 always go on a 0-2-5 for the long staying spikes they will stack up and do more dmg.

  2. Legends say you gonna never beat World tower defense and he bet that you gonna STOP playing it anymore when you can't beat hard mode

    TG and WTD are both cool 🙂

  3. 2-0-4 bomb is better than 0-2-5 bomb in btd6

  4. here is a tip: If you hold Alt whilst only pressing tab it shows all open tabs

  5. Can you make more btd6 and tower battles

  6. wait how did you open 2 roblox app at the same time?

  7. Chimps on btd6 isnt the hardest elite bosses are

  8. Me cant beat fallen him beating 3 td gameson the hardest modes me:👁️👄👁️

  9. I know one really hard tower defense game and its called entry point defense


  11. Elite wanna record one time hardcore to grind for the new gardcore hacker tower


  13. you know you only have 1 live in chimps right right?

  14. Tip- A 2-0-4 is better than 0-2-4 bomb in BTD6 because the top path does more damage while the middle does only speed and alot less damage than the top path

  15. Five nights at Freddy's but tower defense

  16. You got it wrong
    Chimps is titled as the hardest mode in btd6 but in reality,half cash is the hardest

  17. dude how did you do that it is very intense and even though i have accelerator and ranger in tds i can still not beat solo fallen!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. as a btd6 player, chimps is easy, half cash is the hardest

  19. Get a 3,2,0 alcemist for similar affects to the 1,3,0 village. Also why didnt u get a 2,3,0 village, it makes ur monkeys attack faster.

  20. Did he just DO A 023 BOMB SHOOTER anyone who plays btd will understand

  21. Fun fact that some people know: a 2 0 3/ 0 2 3 heli can shoot a missile at enemys and the middle path of sniper deal more damage to camo bloons

    So 5 2 0 sniper = oof to ddt

  22. Nylon Night Shade Or Nythion the Night Furry or nightmare

  23. I'm cringing at the bomb shooter cross path, i tested it in monkey meadow and 1-0-3 got 3912 pops and a 0-2-3 got 1011 pops with round one 100 fortified ceramics in the middle.

  24. BTD6 went all over the place just make a paragon and bully the B.A.D

  25. bros litterly played 3 games at once with no lag and here i am wait an hour for the lobby of tds spawn

  26. everytime I see this video I always say, "no super monkey?"

  27. laughs in 2 monitors being able to have all open and visible at once

  28. This God deserves a world record for beating three games at once

  29. Watching 3 Tower Defense Games AT ONCE!??

  30. The fact that you didnt solo btd6 with onky sauda and no other tower phyisically pains me.

  31. Y’all he’s not even playing chimps on BTD6 he used Sauda ability when abilities are not allowed in chimps 🤓🤓🤓

  32. This man has mastered the art of tower defense

  33. Me who has soloed 5 games at once;-;(the games are PG:TD,TDS,TB,BTD6 and Tower Heroes)

  34. Can you help me get accel my account name is Timothyboy7008

  35. “Good enough towers to beat the mode” also elite-“these bad towers”

  36. 22:48 almost got a super brittle here after i get that thats basically free win also elite this doesnt guranteed a win yet

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