Beat Raid 4 the "SUSSY WAY" on All Star Tower Defense | Roblox -

Beat Raid 4 the “SUSSY WAY” on All Star Tower Defense | Roblox

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Beat Raid 4 the “SUSSY WAY” on All Star Tower Defense | Roblox

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  1. there needs to be a subreddit called r/blameoni

  2. Song is called run it up but in the video it has no words

  3. Can u help me beat it I'm trying so herd and My team got to 13 wave and we lost plsssss help me

  4. me who beated it 1st try Yeah it took me a while

  5. Me came to see how to beat raid 4what I see at the beginning was so much better

  6. Man said public server sucks while i just went into one and got beerus lol

  7. If I hear ur voice I know ur face now that's how my hearing works xd

  8. Jesus came back to life secretly just to see rimuru

  9. Bro I feel like the snow squad has more in game iq then almost the whole Astd fan base because of people not knowing to skip. And buff

  10. lol ur vids always make me smile u never disappoint

  11. Yo so anyone wanna help me beat raid 4?if so add me 440Seer or ZeusW

  12. Public run is indeed the worst thing ever to try. I've finished this raid with a cool discord team, respect to them.

  13. Mmmmm i am make it 20 time and only lose you lucky :))

  14. Poor oni he gets bullied in every snow hardcore squad video

  15. Bro I started hearing lil tjay and was mad confused

  16. sounds like the kids who say forinte good

  17. The instrumental you put at the beggining remids me that Lil Tjay got shot 😔

  18. Snow can u help me get berus public server suck

  19. I might be late but snow you say hardcore snow squad and you turn around to see them at the world 2 club lollllll

  20. My guess is you'll probably be able to solo it once whitebeard and Roger are gonna be obtainable. I think whitebeard is gonna have a tsunami that will be meta for this

  21. i connot see my cursur becuase of the effect :>

  22. Can you help me I got to wave 15 and died 🙁

  23. thumbnail A FREE UNIT!! gives a big list of max players that they need to beat this raid

  24. I closed my eyes I’m doing hokey pokey for her

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