Basically Polluted Wastelands in Tower Defense Simulator -

Basically Polluted Wastelands in Tower Defense Simulator

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  1. he placed more than 20 troops and when he said he will summon small chungus he didnt at the boss fight

  2. Why does elite keep useing undertale themes?

  3. The pyro mancer is old so he should slow them down

  4. Fun fact the shadows picture was taken on the map Marshlands And the mystery on Forest camp

  5. Polluted waste land was my fav map when I was like lvl 25 cuz I can easily solo normal and molten

  6. Now it’s winter bridges (I’m lvl 121 rn)

  7. no strat solo fallen without accelerator be like

  8. I was a noob and beat Nuke fallen, I was with bunch of pros and this was before the military base patch

  9. I officially feel bad for killing Nuclear Fallen King.. I am sorry. 🫡👑

  10. That boss part really how it feels lol. Unless you beat it by military base lag

  11. In the end Radioactive Fallen King will always be remembered by his son and the others

  12. nuclear fallen king 2020: im too op no one can defeat me lol
    engineer and accel: im about to end this mans whole career

  13. I beat nuclear fallen on december 30th 2020

  14. This was such a great boss and map its cool and long but challenging its like a semi event thinking of it makes me sad that its deleted

  15. almagamation or whatever is nearly the most dumbest zombie if it spawned in hardcore wave 19

  16. What is this sick Final boss music

  17. I just realised if you look at the chest of nuclear fallen king there's a smiley face 😳

  18. tbh i havent played the nuclear fallen event bc i didnt join tds at that time but i can see the map is basically inspired by the our Circles map in BTD6 but instead of adding half of 2 circles water they just fill in 2 whole circles with water or radioactive substance except the outlines lol. The four circles map is a beginner map in BTD6 if im not mistaken.

  19. they could've just ya know, Nerfed Nuclear Fallen mode instead of REMOVING it?

  20. They should make this new mode y'know like golden

  21. Sans AUs vs nuclear fallen be like Sans AUs Won

  22. soundtrack used in nuclear fallen king battle: Undertale OST – Finale

  23. this went from a meme to a sad story that makes even the most cold hearted men cry

  24. I remember that the closest I got to killing it was 10K health and then it got through

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